Ardern’s knee-jerk reaction will hamper her reaching her goal

What people need to understand about the guns that the terrorist used in Christchurch is that they were legally purchased after he was granted an A category licence. His weapons, however, became illegal when he fitted them with a magazine that turned them into an E category weapon.

E category weapons can only be owned and used by people with an E category licence which means that the police know exactly who owns them and where they are located.

When you act in haste you will repent at your leisure. Jacinda Ardern, along with David Parker, made a huge mistake over the weekend. Ardern not only acted with a knee-jerk reaction to the terror attack; she is actually proud that she did so. In a video I watched she compared her action within 72 hours to how the Australian government reacted after the first terror attack on their soil.

The Australians took the time to consider all the repercussions before rushing to action, but Ardern’s rush will impede her achieving her goal of taking the kinds of gun that the terrorist used out of the hands of the public.

If she had said that they would be reviewing gun laws she would not have tipped gun owners off to her intentions.

She could have got advice from people who actually understand the situation and she could have quietly changed the law.

As a first step, she should have moved all semi-auto centrefire firearms with a capacity over five rounds to an E category immediately. That way the government would have known exactly who has the weapons and where they are located. Once that was achieved she could then have instituted her gun ban.

Because she has pre warned gun owners of her intentions these weapons will become ghost guns at a much greater scale than before. She can ban them all she likes and offer to buy them off owners but she has no ability to locate the guns as no one currently knows where they are or how many there are.

By suggesting a ban she has ensured that thousands of guns will simply disappear.

No one currently knows who has category A semi-auto guns and now no one will.

If they had put some thought into what action to take instead of rushing to virtue signal how pro-active they were being, they could have located them before they moved to ban them.

Every semi-auto centrefire firearm with a greater than 5 round capacity should have been made category E immediately.

Because of the emotional and thoughtless way that they?ve handled the situation they have ensured that very few will get handed back, which is the complete opposite of what they are trying to achieve.

Ardern might be great at hugs and compassion, but when it comes to removing these guns from the public she has messed up big time. Her new law will be toothless, as the police will lack the intel required to locate the missing weapons.