At least one foreign journalist isn’t blinded by St. Cindy’s halo

Cartoon by Johannes Leak.

What some curmudgeonly commentators call the ?love media? ? the lumpen echo chamber of middle-class ?progressive? journalists who wept when Trump was elected and waxed furious over Brexit ? are practically orgasming themselves to death over Jacinda Ardern. It?s hardly surprising: they haven?t had this kind of political whacking-material since Obama was shoved out of the White House, and their other political pinup-girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is proving to be too venally dumb for even the left-media to ignore.

But not every foreign journalist is blinded by St. Cindy?s halo. Economist and commentator Judith Sloan turns down the brightness and finds?well, not much to write home about, really. Quote:

I get it: she?s young, a new mother with a stay-at-home partner and she?s from the Left. Also, in response to the Christchurch massacre, she has shown empathy and resolve?But for those who follow that country?s politics, the deification of Jacinda Ardern is underpinned by an extraordinary selectiveness when it comes to assessing the real political person.

After all, she is prime minister only because she agreed to form a coalition with New Zealand?s version of One Nation, New Zealand First, headed by perennial politician Winston Peters.

NZ First?s 2017 election campaign included an annual cap on the migrant intake of between 7000 and 15,000 of ?seriously qualified? migrants who ?could assimilate into New Zealand culture?.

Labor?s policy position was similarly pitched at reducing the intake?As it pans out, the Ardern-Peters government has not managed to reduce the migrant intake, ?although it has placed a ban on any foreigner purchasing established real estate. End of quote.

If Donald Trump or Scott Morrison tried to cap migration and insist that migrants assimilate, the screeching about ?racism? from the love media would be deafening. But, hey, at least St. Cindy is humanitarian about refugees, right? Quote:

New Zealand?s intake of refugees is trivial com?pared with the number entering Australia under a humanitarian visa.

Of course, Ardern has been happy to garner favourable press coverage criticising our offshore processing system and vaguely agreeing to take some refugees from Manus Island and Nauru.

But her country?s annual refugee intake had been just 750 until last year, when it was lifted to 1000. New Zealand?s refugee intake amounts to 0.02 per cent of its population compared with our 0.07 per cent. End of quote.

But when the virtue-signalling is over, there?s still policy, surely? Quote:

Ardern also has stumbled with other policies, most notably KiwiBuild?What started off as an ill-considered public housing project has turned out to be an extremely unsuccessful private real estate scam.

?Ardern and Peters have other plans in the pipeline?The bottom line is that the government under Ardern is pursuing a motley collection of well-worn policies that are based on providing more free stuff to people using other people?s money. We have seen where this ends in very many places. End of quote.


We?ve seen this before: a leader, usually female, dials the ?compassion? up to eleven, and the love-media wets itself. Angela Merkel, ?moved? by the ?plight? of economic migrants swarming across the Mediterranean, unilaterally threw open the gates of Europe. That?s ended so well. Closer to home, former Queensland premier Anna Bligh was lauded for her response to the 2011 floods.

Note: ?former?. A year after the floods, Queenslanders ignored the televised empathy and concentrated on the policy mess: Bligh suffered one of the worst election defeats in Queensland?s history.

Turning on the waterworks for the cameras ? however sincerely ? might make people like you in the moment, but it doesn?t necessarily mean that they?re going to vote for you when it comes to crunch-time at the ballot box.