AT subsidises passengers $14 per trip for Uber-like service

But only if you live in Devonport. You really couldn’t dream up a more loopy transport option than this. quote.

The trial of a new form of public transport in one of Auckland’s wealthiest suburbs is praying for rain after making a slow start.

AT LOCAL, which is a?New Zealand-first,?is a new form of public transport that’s currently being trialled for a year at an estimated cost of $1.3 million.

The Uber-style service provided by Auckland Transport allowed residents of Devonport to request a pick-up via an online app by one of five dedicated electric vehicles which then takes?them home or to a nearby ferry wharf.

But after three months the number of people expected to use the service on a weekly basis have not even reached half of the modest target set by Auckland Transport.

In response, Auckland Transport said more promotion is planned and they expect that the numbers would increase once the weather changes and there’s more rain. end quote.

In the private sector, when something is not working, it gets canned and the money put to better use. But in government, the answer is to throw more money at it. Or pray for rain. quote.

The door-to-ferry service costs only $2.50 a trip compared to three or four times that when using Uber or a taxi.

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board member Mike Sheehy said each trip carried a $14 subsidy at the $2.50 price.

Taxpayers are chipping in $475,000 of the total budget through NZTA. end quote.


That seems like an excellent use of taxpayer money: subsidise the folk that live in one of the richest suburbs in Auckland $14 per trip. quote.

In the 2013 Census, Auckland’s second highest incomes were in the Devonport-Takapuna local board area, with median household incomes of $81,400, but were probably even higher in Devonport itself.

end quote.