Audio: Golly gee the Greens want to lower the party vote threshold to 4%

Golriz Ghahraman and Green Party co-leader James Shaw

The Green Party is determined to be part of a coalition government next election so they are proposing the following changes to MMP to boost their chances.

  1. They want to give prisoners the right to vote ( they are chasing the criminal class vote)
  2. They want to lower the 5 percent party vote threshold to 4 percent so that the fact that they have become less popular won’t hamper their chances.
  3. They want to ban overseas donations to political parties even though the Green party recently had a massive donation made to them.

The spokesperson for all these changes is our favourite Green MP Golriz Ghahraman as the recommendations are part of her Strengthening Democracy Members Bill or as I like to call it the Save the Green party from politcal oblivian bill.

In this audio she is interviewed by Gyles Beckford.