Bald paedophile has vanity issues

Phillip John Smith is angry because he wasn’t able to use his Olay and Dove vanity products

Phillip John Smith is in the news again. He’s the convicted paedophile and murderer that donned a toupee and fled to South America while on temporary release.

Here’s the latest nonsense on his bald nonce. quote.

Convicted murderer Phillip Smith launched a legal challenge to get access to toupee and scalp grooming products in prison. 

The paedophile, who gained notoriety after fleeing to Brazil while on bail, was angered at not being able to use his Olay moisturiser and Dove skin cleanser behind bars.

He took legal action against the Department of Corrections. On Friday, Corrections said they had reached an agreement for Smith to use the vanity products, and the legal action had been discontinued. end quote.

Mate, if you think a bit of Dove and Olay can improve your looks, I’ve got news and it’s all bad. quote.

Speaking from Rimutaka Prison this week, Smith said: “If it were another prisoner that didn’t have the same resources that I do, then that prisoner would simply have been the victim of state coercion and denied what is a civil liberty.”

The 45-year-old Smith’s authorised grooming products include V05 hair gel ($8), Nearly Natural shampoo ($42), Dove skin cleanser ($6) and Olay moisturiser ($10). 
According to an itemised list, the gel was “to style the hairpiece and make it look like credible, real hair,” while the shampoo preserved the hair quality, and the moisturiser was “vitamin enriched to keep his scalp moist and healthy”. end quote.

Really? Even if I tried really hard, I couldn’t care less about your civil liberty, and here’s the reason: quote.

Smith was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 for murder, paedophile offending, aggravated burglary and kidnapping.

He had molested a 13-year-old boy over a three-year period, and later stabbed the boy’s father to death. end quote.

Yet despite his criminal offending, Phillip is strangely attached to his fake hair, and keen to ensure his rights are respected. quote.

[…] In 2017, Smith won a High Court case against the Department of Corrections for not allowing him to wear a hairpiece in prison, which he now wears behind bars.

Corrections had given an undertaking that it wouldn’t revoke Smith’s toupee again, but refusing to issue him with his approved accessories amounted to doing so, he argued.

“The New Zealand taxpayer has already spent over $115,000 on hairpiece issues, and yet here Corrections goes again, in spite of telling the Court of Appeal that it wouldn’t do what it is now doing again,” said Smith.

[?] Smith’s lawyer Dr Tony Ellis, currently living in the US, said he was surprised that Corrections would argue about “hair gel and shampoo”.
Ellis told Stuffhe intends to lodge a case with the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland this month to claim Smith’s freedom of expression was breached, and that the government failed to treat him with respect and dignity as required by International Human Rights Law. end quote.


As if we needed further proof that the world has gone barking mad.