The Bay of Islands Exploration Centre provides an unforgettable experience for students & staff

Bay of Islands Exploration Centre (BoIEC)?

Aim ? to allow young people of NZ (and overseas) through their schools to experience the Bay of Islands and significantly improve their understanding of the foundation of our bi-cultural nation.


The Villa Education Trust ? and our development business Innovative Education Consultants – has been at the forefront of high quality education enterprises in New Zealand across the last 17 years. Cognition Education is arguable NZ?s top education researchers/evaluators ? this is what they said in 2018 about the Villa Education Trust schools:

In summary we find and conclude that in both schools, the management and staff are actively involved in continuous development, and the delivery, of a unique programme of teaching and learning which is based on a comprehensive ?local? curriculum that is aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum, and which provides for the personalised needs of priority learners ?many of whom have been failed by the current education system.

Based on our findings and conclusions, and our experiences in a wide range of New Zealand State schools, Cognition has assessed the local curriculum, teaching and learning within both SAMS and MSWA as being unique and of a ?special character? when compared to that provided at ordinary state schools.

We currently operate:    

Mt Hobson Middle School (Year 7 ? 10)

Villa NCEA Academy (Year 11 ? 13)

South Auckland Middle School (Year 7 ? 10)

Middle School West Auckland (Year 7 ? 10)

We are also working with international language company Rosetta Stone to not only bring their remarkable platform in to NZ but also to develop Te Reo on that (making a huge difference to the potential to learn this official language of our nation).

The Bay of Islands

A very beautiful part of our country and steeped in pre and post European history as well as wonderful nature.

Each year we currently take our students north to learn about iconic NZ features ? Waitangi, Russell, Pompallier, Marsden Cross, Museums, Art Galleries and so much more.

They also ? fish, swim, tramp, cruise, sail, share meals together.

Sharing the Experience

We are developing the Bay of Islands Exploration Centre to share with others what our young people have been able to do.

A local businessman, Antonio Pasquale, has very heavily invested in property for us (a site and improvements worth approx $4million value) and we are bringing considerable IP and administrative expertise and experience. The aims are:

To cater for 10 – 60 students from across New Zealand on a weekly basis. To provide a high value education and activity experience for students. Open to all New Zealand schools.

– four/five Academic mornings (per week) – taught by Villa Education Trust staff – working through one of our cross-curricula projects (e.g. NZ Places and People, Oceans, NZ Writing)

Activity based afternoons ? options are

  • Waitangi,
  • Sailing,
  • Pompallier House and Russell museum
  • R. Tucker Thompson
  • Project Island song
  • Bush walk
  • Marsden Cross
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking

Evening programme ?

  • formal evening dinner at the local restaurant.
  • Fish and Chips on beach
  • Movie night
  • Glow worms
  • Fishing

This will be an unforgettable experience for students and staff.

We expect to be fully operational by June 2019 and already have 9 bookings. For interested schools please get in touch as below.

The Villa Education Trust is a small not-for-profit. As with many social enterprises the start-up is the hard part.

Alwyn and Karen Poole

Villa Education Trust

[email protected]

021 0440556