Blame climate change and take the heat off incompetent bureaucrats

Caption: But think of the bird nests! Photo: Warren Frey.

You almost have to feel sorry for the Sky Dragon, sometimes. Not only is it blamed for everything from creating ISIS to a shortage of Bulgarian prostitutes, but it?s the most convenient excuse ever for incompetent politicians and blame-shifting bureaucrats. Quote:

Environment Minister Melissa Price has linked this week?s devastating bushfires in Victoria to climate change, saying there is ?no doubt? of its impact on Australia.

?There?s no doubt that there?s many people who have suffered over this summer. We talk about the Victorian bushfires; (in) my home state of Western Australia we?ve also got fires there,? she told Sky News this morning. End of quote.

Because we?ve never had bushfires in summer in Australia before, apparently. Quote:

Coalition figures, including former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, have been reluctant in the past to link climate change to recent natural disasters such as bushfires. End of quote.


Until it becomes convenient to do so. Such as when government bureaucracy is being fingered as the culprit. Quote:

Residents of a small rural community heaviest hit by Victoria?s weekend bushfires believe dan?g?er?ously high fuel loads on vacant? crown land contributed to the feroci?ty of a blaze that left Country Fire Authority firefighters unable to defend some properties?

Andrew Clarke, the owner of the Jinks Creek Winery destroyed by the Bunyip fire, believes a bureaucrati?c blunder cost him his life?s work.

He said a planned burn-off in 60ha between his vineyard and the state park was not done because of concerns for local birdlife.

?If they?d been doing the burning off they should have been doing, our place might still be there,?? he told The Australian.

?They told me birds were nesting. I told them: ?If we don?t do a burn-off now, there?ll be no birds. There?ll be no goannas, no snakes, no wallabies. They?ll all be bar?becued.?? End of quote.

They had to destroy the wildlife in order to save it. Quote:

A Forest Fire Management Victoria spokesman, when asked why fuel reduction burning had not been carried out on the crown land next to the Bunyip State Park, said that under a change to fire risk management, burning had become? more targeted.

?We are using a risk-reduction target to focus our fuel-management strategies on areas that will have the greatest impact,?? the spokesman said. ?This target means we are burning smarter, rather than focusing on a number-of-hectares target.

?In some cases this may mean less planned burns ? in other areas it may mean more ? but communities can be assured that our activities are focused on making them safer and protecting their local environment.?? End of quote.


Glad to see that that?s worked out exactly as planned, then.