Blenheim barber gave workers a haircut

Jaswinder Paul says his family haven’t spoken to him since he ate the mislabelled meat. –Stuff

Jaswinder Paul says his family haven’t spoken to him since he ate the mislabelled meat. Maybe, just maybe they haven’t spoken to you since it became public knowledge that you were an unprincipled employer? Quote.

A Hindu man who ate beef [mince] wrongly labelled as lamb [leg roast] was the subject of an employment case that found he had underpaid vulnerable workers.

Jaswinder Paul contacted Stuff after he bought a package labelled as lamb [leg roast] from Countdown Blenheim at the end of September, then cooked and ate the contents before discovering the meat was beef [mince].

Cows are sacred in Hinduism, and Paul who moved from India to Blenheim two decades ago, wanted Countdown to cover the costs of a trip to India so he could be purified by priests. His family had not talked to him since he ate the beef, he said.

In November last year the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) ordered Paul to pay more than $20,000 in penalties and unpaid wages to vineyard workers who had been paid less than half of the minimum wage.

ERA member Christine Hickey found Paul’s practice of underpayment was “widespread” and he had taken advantage of “vulnerable” workers on transient visas, some of whom had poor English skills and were not aware of their rights.

His actions were “deliberate, not inadvertent,” she said.

He had hired seven employees through his company R.K.K Enterprises, who were subcontracted to work at Stokesay Vineyard.

Paul said while R.K.K Enterprises belonged to him, and he had worked in the vineyards with a small crew, the business had been closed for several years. He was now the small business owner behind Headmaster Barbers, in Blenheim, he said. […] End quote.


Oh dear, oh dear! Run to the media about your own stupidity after trying to scam a free holiday to India out of Countdown and then some pesky journalist actually does some journalism and hangs your dirty washing out for all to see.

I don’t imagine that will impress Countdown management whom you are trying to bully into supplying an all expenses trip to India.

Being such a devout Hindu, Paul now has to return to India for four to six weeks of purification after inadvertently eating some beef.

One wonders how long he will need to spend there after breaking the Hindu equivalent of our Golden Rule. Quote

?This is the sum of duty: do nothing to others that would cause you pain if done to you.? (Mahabharata 5:117)

end quote

Ripping off your fellow man is not quite what Mahabharata had in mind. quote

?Even an enemy must be offered appropriate hospitality if he comes to your home. A tree does not deny its shade even to the one who comes to cut it down.? (Mahabharata 12.374)