Bob Jones on the Christchurch massacre, tolerance, injustice & the killer

Bob Jones

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On Christchurch

My plea is to cut the mush. This was a world-class loser-instigated one-off occurrence. A short, rather dim fat kid lacking friends or social skills, trying to compensate through body building, who became obsessed with cultural purity then did a warped and terrible thing.

Good Lord! Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia and many other countries have endured numerous random, mainly Muslim-inspired mass killing bombing and machine-gunning attacks over the last decade, while continuing to stage major sporting events. America has copped lots of so-called right-wing nutter slaughters but boxed on with major sporting events.

They do not feature body-scanning of their audiences or the presence of gun-toting soldiers. The hard reality is that these attacks are both random and rare, thus almost impossible to avoid.

A Waikato university Law Professor piped up saying he?d warned of this possibility a couple of years back due to the inadequacy of our gun laws. What he ignores is that most of the foreign Muslim terrorist attacks, Africa excepted, have been achieved with explosives with much greater death tolls than Christchurch.

On injustice and Tama Iti

So too Tame Iti who came out calling for more tolerance, which is all very well for him as he?s arguably the most tolerant bugger I?ve ever met. He was wrongfully imprisoned in my view which, when I put it to him once he said he knew that but dealt with it as I thought he would.

?Oh really,? I queried.

?Yes, as I could do nothing about it I made the best of it and learnt to paint?.?

He certainly had me wrong. I?d pursue it until I got both justice and revenge.

But what of his ?more tolerance? plea?

On tolerance

To that I say there are eight billion people in the world. This [Christchurch massacre] was the cowardly single act of just one of them and not a reflection of society?s alleged intolerance. I?ve spent six decades travelling the world, periodically living in different places and in my experience have found people everywhere have similar values, i.e. friendly, decent and tolerant. The outpouring of platitudes over the weekend was ridiculous and self-serving.

On Muslims

So too with religion which I?m contemptuous of, but specially Islam for its evil relegation of women.

Again, that doesn?t mean I hate Muslims; indeed, I?d be surprised if there?s anyone in this country more generous toward them than me, albeit inadvertent.

Currently one of my scholarship schemes forks out $500,000 annually, rising each year, for refugee girl?s university education plus other expenses, the vast majority being Muslim and often with appalling back stories.

I have immense admiration for them. Some occasionally write to express their gratitude and invariably add thank Allah for being blessed. I reply asking for Allah?s address so I can bill the bugger back but to date, no luck.

On the Christchurch killer

That?s a perfectly valid view, probably held by the majority of the world?s population although it?s steadily diminishing through mass travel and ever improving education inducing a more liberal outlook.