BREAKING: Shooting at Christchurch mosque

GEORGE HEARD/STUFF An armed police officer stands outside the Christchurch Mosque on Deans Ave following the shooting.

Live coverage: Christchurch mosque shootings, ‘active shooter’ situation evolving

Shooting at Christchurch Mosque

Bangladesh cricket team escape Christchurch mosque shooting

Blood everywhere’ as shots fired at mosque in central Christchurch

Multiple shootings at mosques in Christchurch, at least 1 dead

Multiple people shot at Christchurch mosque as police respond to ‘active shooter’ situationChristchurch mosque shooting: What you need to know

LIVE: Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque as police respond to ‘active shooter’ situation

We beleive that it’s a Sunni mosque. There are now reports of a second incident at another mosque in linwood.

There is talk on twitter that someone live streamed the shooting.

For the latest updates check out

This is possibly the twitter account of the shooter ( one of his accounts few followers is Martyn Bradbury from the Daily Blog)

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