Calling all Greens: Please join Birthstrike immediately

Honestly, I feel sorry for this pair. They seem to be nice, sincere young women but there are just so many problems with what they are spouting that one could be here all day. “Nature in collapse.” “60% of all life on the planet destroyed” in her short lifetime. “Collapse of civilisation” and so on.

Transcribed from a BBC Exclusive interview wherein not a single probing question was asked. quote.

Our planet is in a kind of collapse.

Short-hair: Our planet is in a kind of collapse, the natural world is collapsing around us and that’s actually happening right now and I am so disappointed by the authorities response to this crisis, um, and so freaked out by it, um everything I’ve read, um, that I’ve, I’ve, basically last year I came to the decision that I couldn’t bring a child into that.

Um, and I was asking around, um, people that I know, put it out a little bit on Facebook and realised that, actually, quite a lot of other people are making this decision, um, yeah. So we realised it was really, really important to tell the public that there are people out there that are so scared about this that they feel that they can’t actually have a family.

Interviewer: And you have come to the same conclusion?

Long-hair: Yeah I have, I’m um, I mean each day for me is, is a struggle, I really do just, I’m so depressed, I feel so hopeless over how, you know, I’m reading, just in the last couple of months even, that you know insect numbers are plummeting so fast it now threatens the collapse of nature, that we are losing bio – we’re not losing, we’re destroying biodiversity so quickly that that threatens our food and the UN have said that that could lead to the risk of our own extinction.

Could lead to the risk of our own extinction.

David Attenborough going on TV to say the collapse of civilisation could come from this. I know that is so hard to sit with and really take in, but I have done that and that has led to um just a fear that I have never felt before and and my decision to be on Birthstrike emotionally has come from not wanting to pass that fear on to someone else if we are in this situation now.

Even since my parents had me we have destroyed 60% of life on this planet, what would that be like when my child’s alive? Will there be 10% left? That’s not just to do with um being a nature, wildlife enthusiast like I am, that’s actually, that’s dangerous as well.end quote.

Being a wildlife enthusiast is dangerous? – Must be the bears roaming the Cotswolds.

Watch it here if you need to.