Canada’s nice non-binaries stand ready to visit inclusiveness on our behalf

Caption: The enemy must be quaking in their boots.

In Tom Holt?s brilliant historical satire The Walled Orchard, the book?s hero, the Athenian citizen Eupolis, is shocked and outraged when an enemy sends its slaves to into battle against Athenian freemen. They aren?t supposed to do that, Eupolis and his fellow free-born gentlemen gasp. For them, warfare is as much about observing proper codes of social conduct as it is about actually winning.

Canada, whose prime minister recently made the stunning strategic decision not to engage with his nation?s enemies, ?because that?s what they want?, is similarly more concerned with ?woke? progressive posturing than military effectiveness. Quote:

As the US Pentagon moves to ban transgenders from serving in the military, Canada chooses the opposite approach.

CBC News reported, ?New directives from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)? give guidelines on [transgender] medical and surgical supports, uniform and naming protocols, and accommodations for bathrooms, showers and other private areas.? End of quote.

For Canada, military effectiveness appears to be less about lethality than being nice. Quote:

Canada wants to make it clear they are not only welcoming but also actively recruiting transgenders.

Department of National Defence spokesperson Derek Abma described the policy as one that will lead to long term success of the military.

“The CAF is committed to building a force that is composed of individuals with new perspectives and a broader range of cultural, linguistic, gender, age and other unique attributes, to better understand our increasingly complex world and respond to the challenges it presents” End of quote.

Winston Churchill praised ?rough men [who] stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm?. Canada has no truck with such deplorables. Quote:

Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary, lamented, ?Once upon a time the military was about ability and merit. The strongest, fittest, smartest men and women who were physically and mentally fit and stable got the job. Now it seems to be more about political correctness and appeasement. How a person feels is considered more than facts and scientific data.?

Smith also questioned the effectiveness of the strategy. ?Does the enemy care if the ones they are fighting are diverse or inclusive? Not at all. It may make a few of the top brass feel good about themselves but will it really increase the effectiveness of the military to defend the country?? End of quote.