Canada’s unicorn prime minister becomes a pinata

Caption: Trudeau’s fall is nothing if not spectacular. Image by kliempictures on Pixabay.

Is this the end for King Cuck? Liberal pretty boy Justin Trudeau is rapidly finding that all the hair product in the world isn?t enough to cover the stench of corruption. For the left-wing media who?ve spent the past three years swooning over their snowboarding poster-boy, in the memorable phrase of The Guardian (of all places), it was like watching a unicorn get flattened by a lorry.

An astonishing political scandal has exploded in Trudeau?s pretty face: his own former attorney-general has testified to Canada?s parliament that the Liberal government all the way up to Trudeau himself tried to improperly pressure her to drop charges against a political crony. Trudeau?s cabinet is haemorrhaging. The happy prince himself is on the ropes. Quote:

Canada?s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is facing the biggest political scandal of his administration. The affair centres around allegations that his former attorney general, Jody-Wilson Raybould, was improperly pressured by some of his closest advisers to prevent the prosecution of a large Canadian engineering firm over accusations of fraud and bribery. End of quote.

It all centres around a prime minister apparently determined to do a favour for a political mate, in order to shore up his electoral chances in a particular province, in the lead-up to the next general election. Quote:

SNC-Lavalin, based in Montreal, is accused of paying C$48m worth of bribes in Libya to Muammar Gaddafi?s family, in order to secure lucrative contracts. The bribery is alleged to have occurred between 2001 and 2011. If found guilty, the company would be barred from bidding on federal projects for a decade. SNC-Lavalin employs nearly 50,000 people worldwide, with 3,400 in Quebec.

Company executives have been lobbying for a ?deferred prosecution agreement?, which in effect allows them to pay a fine in lieu of a criminal prosecution, with no ban on bidding for contracts. But federal prosecutors have decided to pursue a trial.

This is where the scandal is centred: the prime minister and his aides, along with the finance minister, have been accused of pressing Wilson-Raybould to intervene and asking prosecutors to accept a deferred prosecution agreement. Wilson-Raybould declined to override the judgment of her top legal team. End of quote.

Wilson-Raybould was determined to exercise the letter of the law. The Liberal government was equally determined to see the law bent. Quote:

In searing testimony in front of parliament?s justice committee, Wilson-Raybould detailed ?consistent and sustained? efforts to change her mind. Despite repeated assertions by Wilson-Raybould that she would not bend, she told a justice committee on Wednesday the pressure intensified ? and included ?veiled threats? by aides that she was on course for a clash with the prime minister?Her testimony also marked the first public assertion that Trudeau lobbied her ? to the point that she felt obliged to warn him what he was asking was improper. End of quote.

It?s a scandal that?s not going away quickly. Dressing up in a Halloween Bollywood costume and dancing like a fool for the cameras isn?t going to get King Cuck out of this one. Quote:

The leader of the opposition, Andrew Scheer, has called on Trudeau to resign ?something Trudeau has rejected. Other political leaders have called for more investigations into the affair ? and the country?s ethics commissioner is investigating?On Thursday, Wilson-Raybould?s testimony was on the front page of every major paper in the country, with most running large, dramatic photos of the defiant former attorney general. End of quote.


In the short run, Wilson-Raybould is copping the punishment from her former colleagues. Dumped from her job as attorney-general, she resigned from cabinet altogether a month later. Now, Trudeau is threatening to kick her out of the party altogether. Quote:

Canada?s former attorney general?could find herself ejected from her party after refusing to confirm she has confidence in his leadership, it emerged on Thursday. End of quote.


But piling on to a popular politician ? an indigenous woman, no less ? who is being widely hailed for integrity and steadfastness in the face of corrupt political pressure is not a good look for a self-rigtheous ?male feminist?. In the long run, Trudeau will be the one lucky to survive this scandal.

Because it?s 2019.