Canadian town outraged by transgender paedophile’s release

If you?ve ever had the misfortune to live in a community where a known sex offender is turned out into the wild again, you?ll know the sort of strain it places on a community. To be sure, offenders should be allowed to serve their sentence and attempt to return to life. But sex offenders are seen, rightly or wrongly, to represent a unique threat. Sex offenders against children, more so. When that offender is a clear recidivist who seems to be gaming the system, communities have every right to be outraged. Quote:

The first time police caught serial pedophile Madilyn Harks, a string of sexual assaults against preschool-aged girls in B.C. yielded only a few months of house arrest.

After being given parole, Harks quickly victimized another young girl?Harks was freed again three years after that, only to be rejailed within a week after being caught with pornography.

Now, the city of Brampton, Ont., is in uproar after learning that Harks ? who since her most recent conviction has changed her name from Matthew and transitioned to the female gender ? will be living among them.

?The fact that Ms. Harks is in a halfway house instead of jail is a clear example of our justice system is broken,? wrote Brampton mayor Patrick Brown in an official letter of complaint to public safety minister Ralph Goodale.

On Friday, Peel Regional Police warned of Harks? arrival in their community and that she is at an ?elevated risk to re-offend??

All of Harks? victims have been girls under the age of eight. She has previously admitted to victimizing as many as 60 children, and keeping ?trophies? such as underwear?In 2006, a psychiatric assessment diagnosed Harks with an ?all encompassing preoccupation with interest in sexually abusing young girls.? End of quote.

Heaping insult on insult, here, the press are forced to play along with this disgusting predator?s delusions ? or strategy ? by referring to someone who everyone knows is a man as ?she?. Not only do communities have to put up with clearly dangerous sex offenders being dumped in their midst, they are asked to play along with the lies. And taxpayers have to fund them. Quote:

Ontario is one of several provinces in which no physical change is required for residents to transition sex; the applicant must simply get a note from a physician saying that they identify as different than their birth gender.

The Correctional Service of Canada has procedures for gender dysphoric inmates, and will pay for hormone therapy and even surgery if a doctor deems it an ?essential medical service.?

However, a born-male inmate no longer has to undergo surgery to be eligible to transfer to a women?s prison. Under a policy overhaul implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, inmates with male anatomy can be placed among women based solely on their gender identity.

This same policy has caused problems in the U.K., which was recently scandalized by the case of Karen White, a born-male serial rapist who was transferred to a women?s prison after a declared gender change, where she then sexually assaulted two inmates. End of quote.

This should not be taken to imply that all transsexuals and transvestites are predators and child molesters. Clearly, most are not. However, it does underscore the threat of ?self-identification? laws. Predators will use any avenue they can to gain access to their targets. Handing foxes the keys to the henhouse is virtue-signalling gone mad.

Cases like these also highlight the ongoing and unresolved (and unresolvable, while bigoted tranny activists can shout down and harass with lawfare anyone who dares raise a voice against them) conflict of personal rights at the heart of transgender ideology. A tiny, vocal and intolerant minority are bullying the majority to acquiesce to what they see as their rights. Everyone else?s rights, women and children especially, can go hang.