‘Capital Gains Tax should be just the start’

Like Winston Peters, the Greens seem to have completely forgotten about their support base. Apart from supporting children to wag school, they do not seem to be even remotely concerned about the environment these days. We’ve always known that the Greens are hard-left socialists, but without environmental voters, they are sunk.

One area that the Greens really need to be kept away from is the economy. Russel Norman harboured hopes of being Finance Minister, but thankfully that never eventuated. Now Marama Davidson has decided to wax lyrical on the party’s tax policy. Spoiler warning: she hasn’t got a clue about tax policy. quote.

Green co-leader Marama Davidson has delivered a full-throated defence of capital gains taxes in a major speech, saying the Government should eventually go further to balance the system.

Speaking at the party’s summer policy conference in Wellington, Davidson pushed back on attacks against the CGT from the “wealthy elite” who she said held the political system hostage. end quote.

Small business owners, people who rent out rooms in their house to help pay the mortgage, people with Kiwisaver accounts… these are the ‘wealthy elite’ are they? quote.

“The resistance to the capital gains tax by the wealthy elite, who often own multiple properties, shows that our political system is still held hostage by the people who benefit from an unregulated housing market,” Davidson said. end quote.

People who own multiple properties usually rent out some of them to people who cannot afford to buy a house need somewhere to live. Is it too much to ask that Marama makes the connection that some of those ‘wealthy elite’ are landlords who provide housing for people who need it? quote.

In her speech, she said a CGT should be the start of wider tax reform.

“The capital gains tax should be the beginning of a wide range of reforms to transform our tax system. The Greens have long called for a range of reforms, like increasing the tax rate for the richest 1 per cent and putting a tax on polluting big businesses and housing speculators.”

end quote.

Sigh. The lack of knowledge of basic tax policies among this government is shocking. ‘Speculators’ are already caught by the Brightline Test, introduced in 2015. When will these economic morons realise this?

In referring to the Greens’ policy to introduce a top tax rate of 40% on incomes over $150,000, she is harking back to the party’s tax policy in 2014. There has been no mention of this policy recently and it is clearly not in their current agreement with Labour. quote.

She also used her speech to push back against National leader Simon Bridges’ assertion on Saturday that the Green Party were not focused enough on the environment, and his party might become more green than the Greens. end quote.

Well, it isn’t hard to be greener than this Green party. Now that they are part of the government, most of their policies are hard line Marxist policies and they fail to realise that a government cannot tax its way into prosperity. quote.

Bridges has promised to lift the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits if elected in 2020, arguing that the economic pain is not worth it while the world still relies on oil and gas for its power.

He said on Saturday that the Greens were “not making sufficient progress.”

“For those who voted for Labour and the Greens because they thought they would get a greener government, well I’m not seeing evidence of that today,” Bridges told The Nation.

Stuff end quote.

Granting permits to Chinese companies to bottle water and sell it overseas is definitely not the type of policy that Green supporters would tolerate.

My favourite quote from the Greens is actually from co-leader James Shaw, who said that, if this government does not introduce a CGT, it does not deserve to be re-elected. I like your thinking, James. Don’t let the door hit either you or Marama on the way out.