Cat fight! Golly vs Dizzie. Will Cindy be the ref?

Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman. Loves crims.

It’s on folks. The claws are out. Or at least we hope they will be. Looks like there might be a cat fight starting between your resident delusional Green List MP Golriz Ghahraman and the thinking millennial’s opinion writer Lizzie Marvelly.

Lizzie Marvelly. Hates crims.

Mark Taylor, the ‘bumbling jihadi’ is rotting away in a Syrian prison, pining for his homeland and pondering his main regret that he never had enough money to buy a sex slave.

But Golly G thinks he should be welcomed home with open arms like all the other dodgy criminals and fake-ugees the hard left so love to support. Quote.

“If there is a process that gets adopted by the UN or the Kurdish forces put in place a process where they are deporting these people, I think we should cooperate with that,” .

Golriz Ghahraman end quote.

But she’s picked a fight it seems with wee Lizzie who for once is talking like a normal person. quote.

This guy can’t be serious. You made your own bed, mate. Lie in it. Good riddance.

Lizzie Marvelly end quote.

Maybe we need a ref if the girls start scratching each other’s eyes out. Maybe Princess Cindy could get in between them as she seems to like sitting on the fence so as not to offend anyone when it comes to hugging crims. Quote.

*Taylor – ‘I could never afford a sex slave as beautiful as Golriz, she would cost over $50,000!’
(*Not a real quote.) Photoshopped image credit: Luke

“If you’re in that situation, we do not have people in there, we cannot offer consular assistance and the warnings were very clear.”

Ardern said if Taylor made it to consular assistance in Turkey, which would be the nearest place where he could reach a New Zealand representative, “then there is a chance that he could access temporary travel documents”.

Jacinda Ardern end quote.
Judge Cindy is in session.

Come on girls, lets get into round two. Who will come out ahead? Will it be the vacuous socialist airhead who defends genocidal maniacs, or the entitled millenial who loves to tell old white males about everything that is wrong with them?

And will Jacinda ever actually answer a question?

To be continued, (hopefully).