China: No Queens allowed

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington Brady.

The left are very adept at picking and choosing when to stick to their self-proclaimed principles, and when to shamefacedly ignore them. Of course, this is not unique to the left: the right, for instance, vigorously denounce the brutal authoritarianism of communism, yet shuffle their feet and cough awkardly when communist China is harshly repressing Muslim Uighurs. But the left have elevated such hypocritical inconsistency to an art form.

Feminists cheer-lead the most ruthlessly patriarchal religion on earth, and meekly cover their heads in submission. The gay lobby peddle endless lies about a conservative Christian like Mike Pence, yet fall shamefully silent at the barbarous homophobia of Islam.

China is not exactly known for its permissiveness when it comes to the rainbow brigade, either. Not that you?ll hear the left saying much about that. Quote:

It?s rather hard, if not impossible, to separate the legend of rock god Freddie Mercury from his openly queer sexuality.

But China has apparently managed to pull it off, censoring around four minutes of footage from last year?s award-winning blockbuster biopic Bohemian Rhapsody in an attempt to sanitize the film, according to Chinese filmgoers who spot [sic] to Australia?s ABC. End of quote.

Mercury?s sexuality was hardly ?openly queer? at the time. His outrageous persona was entirely in keeping with the spirit of rock music at the time. As even Bohemian Rhapsody makes clear, for much of Queen?s career, Mercury?s sexuality was kept under wraps. Which is hardly surprising: despite his flamboyance onstage, Mercury was generally shy offstage and kept his private life heavily off-limits. Freddie Mercury the ?gay icon? is largely a post-fact creation.

But Bohemian Rhapsody is not a documentary, it?s a drama. And most of its dramatic heart comes from its dramatised portrait of Freddie Mercury. Cutting out the film?s references to homosexuality is like re-making The Godfather without any reference to gangsters. Quote:

The result is a film that not only removes any mention of the Queen frontman?s pansexuality but also leaves out his AIDS diagnosis, the most intimate scenes depicting his same-sex relationships, and scenes where drug references are made?diminishing the accuracy and truthfulness of the film.

For Chinese fans who had seen the original cut?which had itself come under criticism from advocates for whitewashing and distorting Mercury?s story?the changes to the film removed some of the key moments of the film, leaving major holes in the plot?Even implicit references to Mercury?s sexuality were slashed from the theatrical release of the film, including a rather innocuous scene of Mercury, depicted by Oscar-winner Rami Malek, standing on stage with a mic stand near his crotch.

In the scene that recreated the Queen 1984 smash hit single I Want to Break Free, band members famously dressed in drag?a clip that was likewise removed from the film. End of quote.

Naturally, the LGBTQ lobby have been loud and vigorous in their response.

Except? no. There has been some muted criticism of China, but largely the response from the media has been to attack the surviving members of Queen for not making the film gay enough in the first place. Quote:

The surviving members of the band Queen who were involved in the project, Brian May and Roger Taylor?had already faced criticism over the original release for twisting events from the band?s history and omitting much of Mercury?s battle with HIV/AIDS. End of quote.

So, the flaming queens and dildo-waving twinks who besieged Mike Pence?s house are refusing to even send a cross letter to Chinese embassies. Meanwhile, the people who knew Mercury best are being pilloried for not making Gay! A gay Queen musical about gays!