Christchurch SJWs flex their muscle

Source: Free Speech Coalition

There?s no doubt that SJWs have been emboldened by the Christchurch terrorist attack. Predictably, Red Radio takes their side. quote.

Quote:Just four days after the mosque attacks that claimed 50 lives, some Christchurch residents are tackling the tough questions.

A public forum last night, organised by EduAction and the Canterbury Progressive Network, attracted about 200 people and their ideas for making the city a better place.End of quote.

Progressive. Well, what else would they be called? quote.

QuotOne of the events organisers, Paul Hopkinson, said he wanted to give people the chance to answer “where to, from here?”

[?]Among ideas put forward were calling out people for any casual racism, and supporting ethnic minorities by buying from their stores.End of quote.

Like this kind of casual racism? quote.

Funny how these people are going after conservatives and anyone who says anything against leftist dogma. Yet if it had been a terrorist attack by an Islamist it?d be all, ?We can?t judge all Muslims? and, ?It was just a lone attack, nothing to do with Islam?. quote.

Quote:Arthur Monteath-Carr called on parents to be mindful of what their children could be exposed to and the communities they might be spending their time with.End of quote.

Which is one degree of separation from saying spy on your workmates. quote.

Quote:Andy Welch was one of several people to call for change through education – tackling fear and ignorance in schools as well as the wider community.End of quote.

Scary stuff. He?s basically saying it?s not enough to bully conservatives. We?re going to target your kids too. quote.

Quote:Social scientist Gerard Fitzgerald spoke about lobbying their MPs for gun reform.

?Channel your anger into firearms reforms. Don’t let the toxic males that run the gun culture, throughout the world, dominate in this discussion,” he said.End of quote.

Hear that? Only men like guns. Tough luck, ladies. quote.

Quote:The forum also heard from the Muslim community itself – with Sri Lankan woman Iman Fahim Hameed calling on Christchurch residents to take opportunities to learn about ethnic minorities.

“Learn about Ramadan. Learn about what Friday prayers are. Come into our mosques, be part of us – so that no matter what is put on the internet, no matter what people tell you … no-one can change your opinion because you know first-hand,” she said.End of quote.

Yeah, nah. I?d rather stay at home and watch Call the Midwife. Unless you can convince me that a book that gets even basic science wrong is the direct word of an all knowing deity, I?m not interested. quote.

Quote:Organiser Brian Turner closed the meeting by encouraging people to take the ideas on board and put them into action, saying if change is to happen, it needs to begin now.End of quote.

By ideas he means dobbing in workmates, snooping, trawling posts etc. And remember this is not about finding the next Christchurch shooter and never has been. It is about the Left exploiting a tragedy to silence those they see as a threat.

This is why I urge you, if you find yourself targeted during this witch-hunt hysteria, to save all the details – who called, when, what they said, all that kind of thing. Also, if you find yourself in a ?disciplinary? meeting, note down everything. Demand to see the evidence. If you’re accused of posting “hate speech”, demand to see it. Demand to know who your accuser is.

Most importantly, when faced with the media, refuse to engage. Hang up the phone. Walk away with your head held high: “No comment“. Do not answer their questions. Do not respond in any way, as they will use it against you. If you have to say anything, request that they put their questions in writing. Do not give them your e-mail address. That is their problem.