Cowardly council cave

Taitimu Maipi’s protest actions catalyst for cultural sensitivity report.

No wonder Marxists are so keen on violent revolution to further their political aims. It seems that breaking the law in New Zealand can be the most effective way to get authorities to do what you want. Only suckers follow the rules, and criminal behaviour is rewarded, as this story from Hamilton shows. Quote

[…] As a result of Taitimu Maipi’s vandalism of the Captain Hamilton statue last August, Hamilton Mayor Andrew King raised the issue of the “cultural appropriateness of the naming and recognition of colonial figures in the city”.

[…] A hammer attack on a statue has prompted the city council to explore cultural sensitivities around street names. But the commissioning of a high level report into Hamilton city streets and parks has some Hamilton city councillors infuriated.


Grey St, Von Tempsky St and Bryce St

“I am very, very, concerned this was triggered by the actions of a thug who assaulted and vandalised one of our pieces of public art,” Mallett said. “I think it is appalling that this guy then gained an audience with councillors which we weren’t allowed to speak at.”

[…] During the public forum, Waikato Tainui communications manager Jason Ake, told councillors many street names in the city, like Von Tempsky, Bryce and Grey, are a daily reminder of the 1860s invasion of Waikato and the resultant 1.2 million hectare land confiscation.

Cr Siggi Henry says Germans would have destroyed street signs named after Hitler.

Waikato-Tainui will pay half the cost of the report, expected to be less than $10,000.

But Cr Garry Mallett said the motivation behind the report is a result of Maipi’sactions and that’s wrong.

[…] Cr Siggi Henry said it takes an act of civil disobedience to start a discussion.

[…] “Go and smash a statue, get attention, turn up to a meeting, get [councillors] gagged, get a hearing in the paper and gather this momentum. What’s it built on? I don’t like that,” Bunting said.
“I applaud M?ngai M?ori (council committee members) for the way they’ve come in and debated. I like constructive conversation, on the other hand.”

Cr James Casson said the comparison between Hitler and Von Tempsky, Bryce and Grey is ludicrous

“We also have a street name Ford. Are we going to change that too because Holden owners might be upset?
We have to stop this madness here and now otherwise we run the risk of every person with an axe to grind to dictate where we go as a city and as a council.”

Cr Dave Macpherson said the fear mongering is unjustified. “When the New Zealand Geographic Board changed the name of Mt Egmont – a guy who had never come anywhere near New Zealand – to Mt Taranaki, which was its traditional name, the sun came up the next morning,” Macpherson said.

King said history shows political activism has it’s place in society – like the 1773 Boston Tea Party, first majoract of defiance to British rule on the path to US independence.
“It won’t go away,” King said. “It will come back in three election cycles’ time. It takes beginning a conversation in an official way. I understand your reservations but I also believe the tide has turned in New Zealand and the way these things are looked at is in a balanced way and that’s happened very quickly.” end of quote

For a local government to give an official stamp of approval to civil disobedience is madness. Hamilton Mayor Andrew King is opening the floodgates to Social Justice types and other assorted activists to damage things of historical significance in order to ‘start a conversation’.