Cowards punch gets 2 years

Last year, Sydney Koriki killed Countdown security guard Goran Milosavljevic with a coward’s punch, and then fled the scene. quote.

A single punch has left two children with a dead father and two others with a father in prison.

Sydney Jayden Kokiri was sentenced to two years?in prison on Wednesday, when he appeared at the High Court in Auckland.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter over the death of supermarket security guard Goran Milosavljevic.

The court heard how Kokiri witnessed violence as a young man, was using methamphetamine and out on bail when he went to the Papakura Countdown in May last year. end quote.

The history of this disturbed individual is tragic, and yet the judge is keen to remove the prison sentence and give him home detention instead. Presumably in line with Jacinda’s “we don’t want to see anyone in prison” and Andrew’s desire to reduce prison numbers. But have a read of this, and see if you think this is a safe person to have in our community. quote.

Kokiri also knows what it’s like to grow up without a father.?

Justice Pherose Jagose said for much of Kokiri’s upbringing, his father was in jail.

He had also been encouraged to join a gang by his father and had been using methamphetamine.

Kokiri’s lawyer, Ish Jayanandan, said violence had been a constant factor in her?client’s upbringing.

“There was a violent incident when he was locked in a car while his father was attacking his mother and driving over her…

“That’s a severe incident for a child as young as five to witness.”

He was deeply sorry for what he had done and had used the limited resources available to him to rehabilitate himself.

She said that included cultural courses and addiction courses.

Kokiri also hoped that one day he would be able to help others avoid the situation he was now in.

Justice Jagose said Kokiri had once had a promising rugby league career, trying out for a Sydney club, but his violence and drug use put an end to that.?

“You must avoid a return to methamphetamine which has plagued your whole family.”

The judge also noted Kokiri’s IQ was also low – 96 per cent of other people his age had achieved a higher result on the tests.

Kokiri himself is already a father. At just 18 he has a daughter and his second child, a son, was born while Kokiri was in prison, waiting to be sentenced.

“You know what it’s like to live without a father which is what you have caused [Milosavljevic’s sons],” the judge told him.

Justice Jagose said Kokiri was a good candidate for home detention, particularly at an address away from South Auckland.

Despite sending him to prison, the judge gave Kokiri permission to come back to court and apply for home detention, if he could find a suitable address.

The Judge wished the teenager luck as he was led back into the cells.


Goran has two sons, aged 15 and 20, who had been living in Serbia with their grandparents. They moved to New Zealand just two months before his death, after their grandparents were both killed in a car accident. Young men robbed of their father in tragic circumstances. I wonder what support they are getting? We seem to bend over backwards to accommodate the perpetrators of crime, and ‘wish them luck’, while it seems the victim’s two boys are left to fend for themselves.

As for the sentence, killing a security guard while being apprehended for theft, and then running away, gets you two years.

Illegally share a censored video or own a copy of a banned document and you could be thrown in the slammer for 14 years. Seems whacky to me.

Yet we are encouraged to feel sympathy for the perpetrator of this crime, because he had a shitty childhood.