‘Cruel and inhuman punishments’

Hands up if you think Islamic religious law (Sharia law) should not be tolerated.

Brunei is set to introduce death by stoning for adultery and gay sex. According to Amnesty International the new laws will also allow for the amputation of children?s limbs.

I am not holding my breath waiting for a response from our prime minister.

Stoning of people to death and cutting off children’s arms and legs conjures up images of the Stone Age. This is the 21st century and having a country introduce such cruel, inhuman and barbaric practices is completely unacceptable whether in the name of a religion or not.

Aliya Danzeisen from the Waikato Muslim Association called the prime minister inspirational. Quote.

She understands us and she understands what we need. She?s talking to the world about how you should be treating your Muslim population. End quote.

It is certainly true that we in the West treat Muslims 100 times better than they do each other in Islamic countries like Brunei. Our laws, unlike Sharia law, are humane by comparison. Even the worst of offenders like terrorists are not faced with the death penalty in New Zealand.

New Zealand has shown its love and compassion for our Muslim community since the terrible terror attack. Loving our fellow Muslim New Zealanders does not mean that we have to accept Islamic religious law. Rejecting the barbarism of a law that cuts a child’s arms and legs off is not a rejection of the Muslim community, it is a rejection of a barbaric and totally unacceptable religious law.