Did Bridges finally score?

It is usually very disappointing to watch Ardern easily bat away Bridges’ questions in the house that start with the standard opener of, “Does she stand by all her Government’s statements, policies, and actions?”

On Tuesday he finally appeared to break through when he pressed Ardern on her vaunted small business experience. Ardern, as is her default mode, refused to give a simple straightforward honest answer to the question so Bridges was forced to supply the answer for her. Quote.

Hon Simon Bridges: Can she not say whether it’s fair that when a small-business owner takes all the risk to start their own business, when they sell up that business for retirement, the Government takes a third?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: The Tax Working Group considered all income in the same way, including the way that it is treated by tax. So that’s what they have put into the Tax Working Group: consistent treatment around all forms of income. We, of course, as a Government have to make a judgment over the consensus that we form over the Tax Working Group’s recommendations.

Hon Simon Bridges: Is the problem with answering my questions that she doesn’t understand small business very well?


Hon Simon Bridges: When she told Mike Hosking last week and this morning that she’d run a small NGO that helped her understand small business, what was that NGO?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: I did not tell him that this morning. End quote.

Oh, come on! The question included “last week” and “this morning” – what a lame response. Quote.

Hon Simon Bridges: When she said last week on Mike Hosking that her running a small NGO had helped her understand small business, what was that NGO?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: Actually, I spent more time talking about the fact that my first jobs were all in small businesses. The point that I was making at that time?and actually, I continue to make?is that, as a Government, we are considering all of the issues that have been raised. That includes whether it be residential rentals, whether it be small business, whether it be KiwiSaver. End quote.

Another typical Ardern non-answer. Quote.

Hon Simon Bridges: Is the NGO she spoke of the International Union of Socialist Youth?

Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: The member knows how to use Wikipedia?well done. End quote.

Trapped, so resorted to sarcasm. Classy! Quote.

Hon Simon Bridges: Has talking to international comrades helped her with her small-business policy development in New Zealand?

End quote.
Hansard end quote.

Ka chunk!