Do National have another pot slowly simmering?

If you have 42 minutes of your life going spare, take a listen to the woolly woofter evasion and non-answers given in the Governance and Administration Committee 2017/18 Annual review: Statistics New Zealand. Because the camera was usually on the questioner it is difficult to tell which of the three above was dissembling the most. Hopefully there will be a transcript online sometime.

Dr Jian Yang asked a number of excellent questions to which he did not get satisfactory answers, as did the Hon Nick Smith, again, stonewalled. Given the amount that was liberally applied during this 42 minutes, I imagine that there is now a serious shortage of butt covering product in Wellington.

Many of the answers appeared to talk about ‘models’ and data infilling. They are simply going to make stuff up. Climate change, anyone?

Dr Yang took up the topic in the House on the first anniversary of Census 2018. Quote.

Dr JIAN YANG (National) to the Minister of Statistics: What recent reports has he seen on Census 2018?

Hon CHRIS HIPKINS (Minister of Education) on behalf of the Minister of Statistics: I receive regular updates from officials insofar as it is appropriate within the bounds of Statistics New Zealand’s statutory independence.

Dr Jian Yang: What advice has he received in relation to reports that M?ori risk losing an electorate seat if issues with Census 2018 cannot be resolved?

Hon Chris Hipkins: I believe that the Minister has not received any advice on that thus far.

Dr Jian Yang: What advice has he received in relation to reports that health boards and schools in regions such as Northland, East Coast, and Manukau risk underfunding if issues with Census 2018 cannot be resolved?

Hon CHRIS HIPKINS: I repeat my answer to the previous question: I understand the Minister has not received advice on those things as yet.

Dr Jian Yang: Why did he, two months after the census, reject concerns from the Opposition and state that Census 2018 would be “more successful than previous censuses,”?

Hon CHRIS HIPKINS: The census has clearly had some challenges, and there’s no one on this side of the House who would doubt that. But I note that the business case under which the census was operated was approved by the previous Government.

Dr Jian Yang: Why is it that his department over the last year has had the time to create a bingo tool to determine one’s level of privilege but it cannot, a year after the census, count the number of people living in New Zealand?

Hon CHRIS HIPKINS: That would be a question for the Chief Statistician.

Dr Jian Yang: Three-hundred and sixty-five days after the census, can he tell Parliament when the Census 2018 results will be available?

Hon CHRIS HIPKINS: No. Again, that would be a question for the Chief Statistician. End quote.


Supplies of popcorn needed.