Don?t call them cyclists

Just when you think we?ve reached peak SJW stupidity a bunch of experts are demanding that we stop using the word cyclist. Yes, you read that right. quote.

Experts are calling for the word “cyclist” to be banned because they believe the term “dehumanises” people who use bikes.[?]QUT professor Narelle Haworth conducted a survey of 442 people across Australia and found 55 per cent of people who didn’t use a bike described cyclists as “not completely human”. End of quote.

A Newspaper

Yeah, right. I bet they got that stat from the “road maggots” and not by directly asking those who don?t cycle. quote.

Quote:The study also found one in five drivers deliberately blocked cyclists while one in 10 say they’ve purposely cut them off.End of quote.

I have my own statistics. Eight out of 10 cyclists turn into “road maggots” who think they?re entitled to the whole road as soon as they put on a bit of Lycra. And the same eight in 10 think they?re too good for cycle lanes.

And speaking of cycle lanes, no cyclist in a cycle lane has ever been blocked, cut off, or yelled at by a motorist. After all, if we?re going to pay millions of dollars to paint a bit of the road green, it?s good to see someone actually using them. Just saying.


Quote:[…]?If we used the term people on bikes, instead of cyclists, we’re giving a term that is more human-like and less like a species,” Professor Haworth told Daily Mail Australia.End of quote.

I have a term that can be used instead of cyclist. Citizen of a Cyclist kind. With the word citizen in there, it reminds us that “road maggots” are indeed citizens like the rest of us. quote.

Quote:?We need to spread the idea that those people [cyclists] could be any of us. There is need to grow a culture of mutual respect for people on bikes.”End of quote.

Lolz. Even in a piece about not calling “road maggots” cyclists, A Newspaper can?t *not* call them cyclists.