Don’t you dare assume the groper’s gender

Caption: She’s as womanly as Caitlyn Jenner.

Another day, another pervy tranny story. Except that this time it appears that the creep isn?t really a tranny, he?s just using ?self-identification? as a weapon to get to his targets. Quote:

An Indiana man arrested last Friday after allegedly sexually assaulting a Walmart employee in the women?s restroom reportedly pretended he was a transgender woman in an attempt to talk his way out of the incident.

When police came to arrest the suspect, Nathaniel Brown, they found him in the electronics department of the store looking up transgender bathroom laws on the internet, the News and Tribune reported. End of quote.

Purely a coincidence, I?m sure. Quote:

The alleged victim claims she was washing her hands when a man emerged from a stall behind her and began groping her. According to the police report, she was able to elbow the man in the chest and escape to find store management.

According to local reports, management approached Brown and asked him if he knew he in a women?s restroom. He allegedly replied by asking why there wasn?t a transgender restroom, adding: ?How do you know I?m not a female??

A witness told police she went into the women?s room after the alleged incident to find Brown drying his hands. She said Brown smiled at her but she ?got the vibe he was up to something.?

Brown was arrested and charged with sexual battery, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a syringe. He is currently being held in jail on $20,000 cash bond. End of quote.

Who wants to bet he?ll show up to court in a wig and a dress? Quote:

The story comes amid a national debate regarding the rights of trans individuals. LGBT activists insist people should be able to use the restroom that correlates with their preferred gender identity, going so far as to push for laws that force businesses to accommodate transgender individuals.

The conversation over transgender rights has led to intense scrutiny of criminal incidents involving transgender men and women. Just last week, a Houston public library caused an uproar when it allowed a man convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008 to read to young children during the library?s ?Drag Queen storytime.? Meanwhile, trans rights activists accuse detractors of fomenting bigotry by cherry-picking isolated occurrences. End of quote.

Except that they?re becoming less and less isolated ? and this is one of the key arguments against ?self-identification? and other ?transgender? laws that activists are trying to force onto society.

The argument is not that all transsexuals are offenders but that such laws as ?self-identification? are dangerously open to exploitation by predators. This is not the first case where a predator has tried to pass themselves off as ?transgender? in order to gain access to female-only spaces such as toilets, showers and change rooms. It almost certainly won?t be the last.

When women complain about their rights and safety being violated in order to placate a vocal and often unhinged minority, they are screamed down as ?bigots? and slapped with insulting labels like ?TERFs?. The majority of transsexuals and transvestites, who are just trying to mind their own business and work through their own issues, are being tarred with the same brush as genuine perverts and predators.

?Transgender? activism, especially ?self-identification? is dangerous, bigoted and it’s doing a disservice to everyone involved.

Cartoon by Patri-Archie Comics.