Enter Dissenter: Cue legacy media outrage

As the Silicon Valley oligarchs daily tighten their stranglehold on public expression, Andrew Torba and his team at Gab are bravely fighting on against all odds.

When the tech giants and the legacy media aren?t directly un-personing enemies of their globalist state, they try to control what is allowed to be publicly said with all the vicious zeal of a Stalinist commissar. Whaleoil readers will be well aware that Stuff rigorously censor dissenting opinions on climate change. YouTube and The Guardian routinely remove the comment feature from their sites.

Enter Dissenter. Quote:

Earlier this week Gab launched our new sister product, Dissenter: the comment section of the internet. Dissenter is a browser extension and website that allows any Gab user to comment on any URL across the web. This includes Youtube videos, Wikipedia pages, Tweets, Amazon products, and CNN articles just to name a few examples. Tens of thousands of Gab users have already installed it and have begun leaving comments across the web.

Dissenter puts the power back in the hands of The People to shine a light on propaganda, lies, censorship, corruption, and sophistry across the web. Dissenter launches at a time when comment sections are no longer available on every mainstream news site and blog, YouTube is shutting down comment sections while also demonetizing channels over their comment sections, and social media censorship is the worst it has ever been.

Dissenter creates a new layer on top of the entire internet. One that is powered by The People, not Silicon Valley or the mainstream media. End of quote.


As you can well imagine, the left-media are not happy about the power to comment being handed back to mere ordinary users. Quote:

Even if a news site has shut off or disabled comments on a story, the Dissenter button allows users to chat without fear of being silenced. Dissenter also allows users who have been blocked by Twitter or Facebook to get round the bans by commenting on any tweet or post. This could, in theory, allow Robinson ? who has his own verified Gab page with 20,000 followers ? to return to the social media platforms he is banned from using. In the BBC?s article announcing Robinson?s latest social media ban, the comment section has been disabled. But in its place, there is a flowing conversation on Dissenter. End of quote.

?Flowing conversation?? Bypassing censorship? Double-plus ungood! Quote:

One Gab user, Crusader Keith, proclaimed his joy at being able to say what he likes on a BBC article. He wrote: ?It?s so refreshing to find the real people?s comments whose voices have been purged 1984 style all across the entire internet!? End of quote.


These uppity WrongThinkers are going to start getting ideas above their station. If deplorable ordinary folk start thinking that they can speak truth back to the monolithic power of the globalist left-media, where will it all end? Quote:

You can sign into Dissenter.com with your Gab account to get started. You can also install the browser extension from the Google Chrome Extension Store, the Firefox Add-on Store, and check out our download page for other browsers.

? gab.ai/home?end?quote.