Even Bill Maher is sick of SJW bullshit

Bill Maher is a smug, annoying, leftist prick. He?s also principled and consistent. He may often infuriate conservatives with his pompous grandstanding of socialist nostrums, but he as often infuriates leftists with his conscientious positions on issues such as Islam. An outraged Ben Affleck ranted that Maher was ?racist and gross? for criticising Islam, but Maher was firm. If he criticises Christianity, as he does, then he can?t logically spare Islam, either.

Now he is poking the leftist bear again. Quote:

HBO host Bill Maher sounded off Friday night against “social justice warriors” and “cultural appropriation,” both of which are now commonplace on America’s college campuses perhaps more than anywhere else. End of quote.

Maher called SJWs ?a cancer on progressivism?, and opined that, ?I don?t think they?re interested in justice, I don?t think they?re interested in truth?and when I read them, it makes me glad I didn?t have kids who would see this?. Barely any of his audience clapped ? and it surprised Maher that he got even that much validation.

Maher then compounded his heresy by denying there are 73 genders. Quote:

Campus Reform reported extensively on cultural appropriation controversies around the country, particularly surrounding Halloween costumes or school mascots deemed to be offensive. At American University, even yoga came under scrutiny on the basis of cultural appropriation.

At some schools, students were even given checklists and flow charts to help them determine whether their Halloween costumes were “racist.”

However, as colleges trend more heavily toward combatting “cultural appropriation,” one liberal commentator doesn’t think it’s a problem.

“I feel like that’s something that was just made up,” Maher said Friday on his HBO show Real Time. “No one is hurt by cultural appropriation.” End of quote.


Like him or hate him, Maher at least is logically consistent. He also has the guts to challenge his audience with views he knows they?ll hate. To a man ? and they are almost all men, despite the left?s grandstanding on ?gender equality? ? odious late-night ?comedians? are as gutless as they are unfunny. None of them dares say anything unless they?re 100% sure that their audience already agrees with them.

To his credit, Maher will say exactly what he really thinks, even if that means antagonising his leftist audience.