Even Muslims are Islamophobes now

Caption: Worst Islamophobe ever.

When Sam Harris mildly observed on Bill Maher?s Real Time that ?We have been sold this meme of ?Islamophobia?, where every criticism of the doctrine of Islam get conflated as bigotry against Muslims as people. It is intellectually ridiculous?, his fellow guest Ben Affleck exploded with indignant fury. ?That’s gross,? he foamed. ?It is racist.?

But Affleck?s spittle-flecked outrage was nothing compared to the hysterical witch-hunting fever that has obsessed the legacy media and the left since the Christchurch massacre. Even the mildest criticisms of Islamic extremism are branded ?vile Islamophobic rants?, and their utterers publicly pilloried. Not even Muslims are safe from being tarred as ?racist Islamphobic white supremacists?.

News Ltd columnist Rita Panahi, who actually grew up in Tehran chanting ?Death to America?, has been viciously attacked and threatened for criticising Islam and urging Islamic women to ditch the hijab. Imam Mohammed Tahwidi, who has criticised Islam?s treatment of women and called for the deportation of radicals, is roundly attacked by the legacy media. Quote:

Islamists in Europe and North America used the outpouring of goodwill towards Muslims to target Muslim critics of Islamism. Death threats called for eliminating me, my friend Maajid Nawaz in U.K., Imam Muhammad Tawhidi in Australia and scores of secular Muslims were targeted. end quote.

These attacks angered Ensaf Haider, the Canadian wife of Saudi prisoner of conscience Raif Badawi. She tweeted: “Don’t be fooled by Pro-Sharia Islamists in North America. They may want u to believe they r saddened by the #NewZealandMosqueAttacks, but fact is they cant disguise the triumphant spring in their step. Now, they’ll milk sympathy and play victim while pushing their Islamist agenda.” End of quote.

Western leaders are dutifully falling into line. Quote:

On Sunday March 17, Hassan Sajwani, an active Twitterati in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) quoted a warning his country’s foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan had delivered to Europe?about the rise of Islamic extremists within the continent: “There will come a day when we see far more radicals, extremists and terrorists coming from Europe because of (a) lack of decision-making, and [European politicians] trying to be politically correct.”

Sajwani’s tweet recollecting the UAE minister’s 2017 warning turned out to be quite prophetic?[political leaders] parroted the Islamist agenda of legitimizing the most regressive segment of Muslims?while abandoning Muslims who have stood up against Sharia and the doctrine of Armed Jihad. End of quote.

As always, the double standards are blatant and shocking. New Zealand?s parliament abandoned any mention of Jesus in its opening prayer, but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern mandated the Islamic call to prayer across New Zealand media. Politicians and journalists rushed to meekly don the hijab ? Islam?s most visible statement of oppression.

Yet, in the weeks before Christchurch, there were mass killings of Christians in Nigeria and the Philippines. Days afterward, an Islamist opened fire in Utrecht. Yet there were no displays of crucifix-wearing, or Christian prayers in parliament. At the same time as the media-political elite are witch-hunting even the mildest criticism of Islam, it?s perfectly acceptable ? as it should be ? to criticise, mock and even vilify Christianity. Quote:

Which begs the question: Why do Christians have the right to laugh at a Ricky Gervais take on God and Jesus, but we Muslims dare not criticize the 17-times-a-day deriding of Christians and Jews that takes place in our mosques across the world?

Just as Martin Luther was no Christianphobe when he stood up to the Roman Catholic Church, Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no “Islamophobes.” End of quote.