Face of the day

President of FIANZ Dr Mustafa Farouk

Today’s face of the day said on radio that he and his Muslim community knew the Kiwi Jihadist before he left to join ISIS for 5 years and says that he was a low IQ individual and that he should have been given the help he needed. He also said that authorities should not have given him a passport to prevent him from going overseas despite him being a New Zealand citizen and having a right to one.

He doesn’t think that he was radicalised in New Zealand but overseas. He thinks that we should show this hardened terrorist compassion because he has a low IQ and is therefore not in control of his actions or responsible for them.

Today’s face of the day is Dr Mustafa Farouk who is also the President of FIANZ ( The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.)

**I will remind readers now that FIANZ excludes the Muslim sect most well known for being peaceful and for being accepting of other religions including Jews which is the Ahmadiyya community. Because the Kiwi Ahmadiyya Muslim community are excluded from FIANZ they do not get to share in all the Halal certification money that is paid to the other sects.

Last year at FIANZ’s Annual General Meeting Farouk, spoke of the need to have Muslims visible in key government sectors of society. He also spoke about how the Muslim community in New Zealand provides New Zealand with a point of access to the global halal market.