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Dave and Liz Evans say immigrating to New Zealand was the fulfillment of a dream. Less than two months into their Kiwi adventure, Dave was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Every time Dave and Liz Evans visit a beach in New Zealand, they fill a small glass jar with seashells.
The idea?is to revisit?each beach?a year later?and return?one of the?shells back into the ocean.
“It’s a real?girl’s thing to do, but it was going to be our way of?marking the anniversary of all these different moments together,” Liz explains.
“I still intend?to do that, but?sadly I’ll be doing it on my own.”

[…] The pair come from Coventry and say the move to New Zealand is the fulfilment of a dream.
“Our work-life balance back in the UK was terrible and so when we made the move to New Zealand we decided we were going to fully embrace the whole Kiwi lifestyle and visit the beach every weekend,” Liz said.

[…] The prospect of a few more visits to the beach gives Dave something to hold on to. Raglan’s Ngarunui Beach is a short drive away from their Hamilton home.
“It sounds bizarre but since moving to New Zealand, I’ve never felt healthier?- mentally or?physically,” Liz said.

[…] “I’ve been told it’s terminal and that without treatment I’ve only got a couple of months left. We haven’t yet discussed treatment options so I haven’t made any decisions. If it’s only going to give me an extra few months, I might just choose to enjoy the time that I’ve got left rather than go through treatment.”

[..] Liz, 48, works as a mental health nurse and said the support from her Waikato DHB colleagues has been amazing.
“I came to New Zealand because I knew there was a shortage of mental health nurses here and I wanted to help New Zealanders with their mental health. But, as it turns out, it’s Kiwis who are supporting me.
“A few English people have asked me if I’ll go back to the UK, but why would I? The healthcare in New Zealand is?absolutely amazing and everyone is so compassionate.”

[…] Despite the heartache of the past few weeks, they hope sharing Dave’s story will encourage people to be vigilant about their health. If someone suffers acid reflux and upper rib pain they urge them to seek medical advice and ask for a blood test and a MRI scan. […]