Fanning the Dame of division

In the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings, the world is going predictably mad. I see stupid statements on Facebook by white people encouraging others to express hatred towards white people. No amount of pointing out that nobody but the perpetrator is responsible for this seems to satisfy the vomiting of indulgent grief. Pointing out that some Muslims are white people makes no difference either. Virtue signalling is a dish served hot, even if you are advancing the denigration of your own race as you do it.

Today’s indulgent rant comes from Dame Anne Salmond, who frankly should know better; but then it is hard to turn down an opportunity to virtue-signal, even if it is, once again, to the detriment of your own race. quote.

In the wake of this terrible tragedy, let’s be honest, for once. White supremacy is a part of us, a dark power in the land. end quote.

Shakespeare would be proud, Dame Anne. At a time when racism in New Zealand was slowly disappearing, let us fan the flames of hatred and bring it back. Let us throw in a bit of pontificating while we are at it. quote.

In its hard version, it’s violent and hateful, spewing out curses, incarcerating young M?ori in large numbers, denying them a decent education, homes and jobs, telling them they have no future, and are better off dead. end quote.

Sorry, Dame Anne. Everyone has the opportunity to have an education here. Some just don’t take it up. quote.

After M?ori, the indigenous people of these islands, this sense of white superiority spills out over “other” groups ? Pasifika, Asian people, and now Muslims in Christchurch. Many of these people have been sworn at, punched and jostled, treated as aliens who have no place among us. end quote.

And many have trades, professions, have married New Zealanders and are completely integrated into the Kiwi way of life. There is good and bad everywhere. quote.

The doctrine of white superiority is based on arrogance, and ignorance. Since other cultures, languages and religions are worthless, there’s no need to learn about them. The “others” are dehumanised, making their misery and suffering unreal. This helps to explain our tolerance for the terrible statistics of youth suicide, incarceration, and family violence in New Zealand. end quote.

No. It doesn’t. Maori are over represented in all the wrong statistics, but they are also heavily represented in all governance roles in the country. We always seem to forget that. quote.

So let’s be clear about this. White supremacy is a black strand woven through our history as a nation. It was deeply rooted in Europe, even before arriving here in New Zealand. end quote.

Dame meets bandwagon. Let’s kick white people because… they are white? quote.

In the present, let’s face it. Online, on talkback, in taxis and around dinner tables, the doctrine of white superiority is still alive and well in New Zealand.

Sometimes it’s loud and ugly, at other times simply taken for granted, and all the more insidious and dangerous. end quote.

I used to work in a office of 40 people, about 10 of whom were non-white. They were treated like everyone else. I have many non-white friends and clients. The doctrine of white supremacy is not alive and well around my dinner table, because there is likely to be a non-white person sitting at it. So it is for many of us here these days. quote.

But let’s not pretend that there’s not a dark underbelly in New Zealand society. It’s real, and its twisted, and its been here forever. The rest of us have to name it, challenge it when it comes to light, and replace it with different, better ways of being Kiwi.

Stuff end quote.

Most of us were doing just fine until the virtue-signallers started lecturing us about things we were not doing. Now all this pontification is causing rifts which had long disappeared, if they were ever there before.

I am not saying there are no ‘white supremacists’, just like I am not saying that no men walked on the moon, but she can’t have it both ways. Branding all white people as ‘supremacists’ is no way to bring us all together. All it does is to drive us all further apart.