‘Far Right terrorism is a threat’

New Zealanders from all sides of the political divide are united in condemning the terrible attacks on mosques in Christchurch. For me personally, the fact that people were slaughtered when they were at prayer is the worst thing about this tragedy. They were mercilessly gunned down in a place where they should have been safe. This is evil showing its vilest face.

The usual suspects are out in force, of course. Our beloved Golriz retweeted a vile tweet blaming Simon Bridges for the tragedy. Admittedly, she deleted the tweet soon after but, unfortunately for Golriz, there is a record of deleted tweets of politicians. Here is the offending tweet:

No, Max Tweedie and no, Golriz. You cannot blame Simon Bridges for this. He will be as devastated as any of us that this has happened here.

Saturday morning brought a disgusting and inflammatory article from Stuff. quote.

The deadly attacks on two New Zealand mosques should draw attention to an obvious fact: Terrorists linked to the far right are no less murderous than the Islamist groups that get more headlines and attention from politicians.

Western governments shouldn’t be fooled by the skewed headline count; watching white supremacists should be a priority – alongside preventing the radicalisation of Muslim minorities. This is not just a moment to grieve the 49 dead in Christchurch. It’s time to review the data and make a conscious policy shift.

end quote.

Not even 24 hours has passed and already, conservatives are in the firing line.

The Christchurch murderer wasn’t linked to any radical, far-right political group. He is clearly a very confused individual, referring to himself as an eco-fascist, while admiring the politics of the People’s Republic of China. He had no specific political ties. He wasn’t on any watch lists, as far as we know. quote.

Islamist terrorists killed hundreds of people in Western Europe and the US between 2014 and 2016, the heyday of the Islamic State. That drew attention away from far-right terrorists, but they have kept on killing: 66 people in 113 attacks around the world between 2013 and 2017, according to the Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace.

The Australian think-tank’s count is, however, too low. It includes only expressly politically motivated killings accompanied by white supremacist manifestos or preceded by racist social media posts – like those perpetrated by Norwegian Anders Breivik, who shot 77 people in 2011, or Dylann Roof, who murdered nine black worshippers at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. There are other murders that aren’t always confessed so clearly. They are often mixed in with everyday thuggery and violent psychosis in police statistics. end quote.

In other words, anyone who votes conservative could be seen as a white supremacist and therefore should be silenced. quote.

The US Anti-Defamation League attempts a broader count, stressing murderers’ links with far-right organisations rather than their stated motives. According to the group, right-wing extremists were responsible for 70 per cent of the 427 extremist-related killings that occurred in the US in the past 10 years. In 2018, every one of the perpetrators of the 37 extremist-related murders in the US had ties to at least one far-right movement, although one had recently switched to supporting Islamist extremism, the ADL says. end quote.

Well, it has already started here. People who were known to be against the UN Migration Compact, for example, are being targeted already.

Yet every single person that I know, from either the right or left of the political divide, has condemned these attacks for the murderous rampages that they truly are. quote.

The mechanisms of radicalisation are similar regardless of religion and ethnicity. Anti-terror policies should be based on that fact and be equally tough on every kind of murderous radicalism.

Stuff. end quote.

And so they are. All governments keep watchlists on people they consider to be a security risk, but some, like the Christchurch murderer, do not come up on the radar until too late. Governments cannot incarcerate people of any political leanings because they MIGHT commit a crime. Not yet anyway.

We must make it clear that this type of violence is not part of our country or our culture. I fear that this will give left-wing factions the opportunity to blame people with conservative views for all the tragedies in the world and the voices of conservatives will be silenced as a result. We must not let that happen. If we do, the terrorist has won.