Flogging the flog: Greens’ star recruit hoist on his own privileged petard

Caption: “I’m with Stupid”.

It’s always amusing watching woke lefties get consumed by their own halfwitted identity politics. Just like in the old days of the Soviet Union, when no-one could ever be ?prole? enough and denunciation as a ?rightist subversive? was an instant trip to oblivion, there?s always one ?victim? group slavering to be ?offended? by the slightest whiff of privilege from one of their own.

Self-righteous ambulance-chaser Julian ?shove your freedom of speech up your arse, and fuck off?* Burnside is fast discovering that virtue-signalling comes at a cost. Especially when you?re a mega-rich, old, white male. (*Said in front of an assembly of high school students.)

And as a privileged, mansion-dwelling elite with an anti-Semitic bent, Burnside might a perfect fit for the Greens, less so for his Jewish constituents. Quote:

Two years ago Burnside and 59 other anti-Zionists signed a letter imploring then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to ?rethink its one-sided support for the Israeli government? and cancel the visit of his counterpart, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Burnside?s obsession with the sins of Israel will antagonise Kooyong?s 1000 or so Jewish voters. End of quote.

But, as Burnside is discovering, the biggest threat to a woke lefty is that their comrades might notice that they?re a tad, well?privileged. Quote:

As Burnside discovered in a TV interview on International Women?s Day after being pinged for being a member of the men-only Savage Club.

?Don?t interrupt,? he told senator Jane Hume. End of quote.

He soon realised that he?d mansplained himself into a corner. So he tried to conjure up an escape hatch. Quote:

When he realised his mistake he announced through Twitter he?d be resigning: ?I joined the Savage Club 40 years ago as a very different person to the one I am today. I?ve argued for change from within but it?s too slow in coming.? End of quote.

40 years isn?t slow, it?s glacial. Continents have drifted faster than it took Burnside to pretend to wake up to the patriarchal privilege of his elite drinking pals. No-one is buying his convenient mea culpa. Quote:

It was too late however, for The Guardian had already disclosed the Savage Club?s other little secret: a range of indigenous artefacts hung on its walls.

Labor?s indigenous candidate for Kooyong, Jana Stewart, reached for her Twitter account.

?Hey Julian, when you go into the Savage Club on Tuesday to cancel your membership, would you mind taking the artefacts out so I can return them to Traditional Owner?s where they belong? My old people would appreciate it. Thanks JS.? End of quote.


Pass the popcorn. This is going to be so much fun.