Forget Mowdee, here comes Abonics

Photoshopped Image credit: Lushington Brady.

Malcolm X once said that ?The white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling?. He was referring to the fact that while white liberals professed to love and sympathise with them, in reality they were merely using blacks for their own ends. 50 years later, the ?Walk Away? movement has come to the same conclusion, urging black American voters to ?leave the Democratic plantation?.

On the other side of the world, liberals have the same condescending attitude towards Australian Aborigines. Almost entirely-white, inner-city left-wing activists use faux-concern for Aborigines as a bludgeon for their political obsessions, while completely ignoring the real issues facing Aborigines.

Their latest airheaded idiocy is forcing white kids to learn Aboriginal slang. Quote:

School students will soon be taught ‘Aboriginal English’ under new state regulation slammed as ‘absolutely ridiculous’ by Indigenous leaders.

The controversial curriculum change will see students who are learning foreign languages be taught phrases such as ‘sista, brutha, bro and cuz’. End of quote.

This isn?t ?Aboriginal English?, it?s slang. It?s as insulting to Aboriginal people as journalists who never, ever use the word ?grog? to describe alcohol unless they?re referring to Aborigines. What next? ?Bogonics?? Quote:

Often white liberals are unaware of their latent prejudices.

Martin Luther king

The newly-created syllabus, which is being implemented by the NSW Education Standards Authority, aims for Indigenous culture to be included in every subject.

The curriculum has been reviewed for the first time in 30 years and will see changes for students from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Children learning languages such as Chinese, Spanish and French will need to be able to compare speech sounds, slang and ‘loan words’ from from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ?languages. End of quote.

Not indigenous, merely born here.

Les Murray

This is useless virtue-signalling, as ridiculous as Ardern?s insistence on New Zealand kids learning Te Reo. But then, virtue-signalling is the left?s default position.

When my son was at high school, I once asked if they learned any Australian history. He rolled his eyes and said, ?You mean Aboriginal history?? The left ? who dominate education ? have a monomania for their peculiar version of ?Aboriginal culture? which is as phony as the ?Welcome to Country? ceremonies which pollute almost every Australian public event. As part of their obsession, students are being browbeaten with ?Indigenous culture? in every subject, no matter how fatuous or irrelevant. What relevance to, say, physics and chemistry is a culture that couldn?t even boil water? Quote:

However the idea has been slammed by indigenous leaders who claim some of the words the state say are official Aboriginal terms are patronising.

Councillor for Alice Springs Jacinta Price has dubbed the idea as ‘absolutely ridiculous’.

She added it ‘didn’t make sense’ to link foreign languages which have ‘no association’ to the indigenous culture.

‘It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea, and it’s almost an ?insult to indigenous culture to shoehorn it into the curriculum in this superficial way,’ Ms Price told The Daily Telegraph

Dr Kevin Donnelly, a senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University, dubbed the idea as ‘tokenistic’.

‘It gives a very superficial and fragmented view of Aboriginal culture and history,’ Mr Donnelly said. End of quote.


?Superficial?, ?patronising? and ?ridiculous?: now there?s a group of words which should be conjugated with ?leftist? every time.