Goff’s proposition: Higher rates for all

Goff’s Auckland monument: Traffic jams empty pockets & cycle lanes Credit: Pixy

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has decided to give the mayoralty another crack, despite his own polling showing that he is a long way behind John Tamihere and just slightly in front of John Palino. quote.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff will seek re-election in October, chasing a second term.
The former Labour MP and one-time party leader said he wanted to continue work to make Auckland a “world-class city.”

[…] “I’ll stand on my values, my integrity, my track record, skills and experience, and my commitment to deliver for this city,” Goff told Stuff […]
He listed Auckland’s well-known issues ? environmental improvement, traffic congestion, and housing supply and affordability ? as key areas to tackle.

“We’ve got some big challenges out there but for every challenge, every problem, we’ve got a solution,” he said. end quote.

He has had his time as Mayor and we are yet to see these promised solutions. No one wants a tram to the airport while we still have poo on our beaches! quote.

“It’s working with the private sector [and] working with central government to find those solutions that can make this city absolutely world-class and a great place to live.”
Goff was light on detail this early in the campaign, but emphasised the need to continue progress and underlined his work over the past three years.

“I can look back with pride on what we’ve achieved, the progress we’ve made, but of course you can’t do everything overnight and there’s frustration, which I share, that some of these processes we need to get to work faster,” he said. end quote.


I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t list all his achievements for the reporter during the interview. Maybe like our prime minister, he counts a working group looking into a problem as an achievement?

Goff’s vanity mirror. Photoshopped image credit: Luke

The only ‘achievement’ of his that that sticks in my mind is his vanity mirror project where there was a massive cost blowout. Then to put the icing on the cake the mirror cracked within a short time of being installed.

At least it is going to be a interesting mayoral race considering that Goff is running on a platform of raising rates.

He either thinks that second place is worth fighting for or he believes that a bigger rate increase is a winning platform.