Government policy now determined by children

When I was a child (about 400 years ago), the general policy of adults was that ‘children should be seen and not heard’ or ‘speak when you are spoken to’. It isn’t that kids weren’t important; it was more a case of children showing respect for grown ups, who generally had a bit more life experience than we did.

How things have changed. Letters from children prompted Jacinda to ban all plastic bags (but not soft drink bottles, cellphones, plastic wrapping or milk cartons), and now we have politicians addressing a gathering of children at parliament because they want someone to do something about climate change.

Children do not understand the issues around climate change. They may have been brainwashed by teachers, but most of that is scaremongering. Do these protesting children understand, for example, that New Zealand emissions are approximately 0.2% of total global emissions? Do they also realise that they will have to give up their smartphones to achieve what they think they want? I’ll bet the answer is no to both questions. quote.

Thousands of Kiwi pupils have today swapped pens for placards as they march the streets for action on climate change.

Protests are underway in city centres around New Zealand – and the globe – despite many schools warning that absent students will be marked as truants and could face punishment.

More than a thousand have arrived at Parliament, many holding signs and banners. Wellington Mayor Justin Lester is among those in the crowd.

“We need adults to listen to the young people and the facts – this is our future,” Isla Day, one of the Wellington organisers, told a crowd of more than a thousands outside Parliament. end quote.

“We need adults to listen to the facts.” Please remind me again exactly why adults need to be told facts by children? quote.

Speaking to Newstalk ZB, Climate Change Minister James Shaw said he was delighted to see so many students protesting today.
“It’s the largest crowd that I’ve seen on climate change since before the Paris agreement was signed.”

end quote.

James Shaw could have taken the opportunity to explain to these kids that the issues are not quite as simple as that. If we just stop using fossil fuels now, without a proper plan in place (because we have no other), then every tree on the planet will be cut down to provide fuel for cooking and heating, and we would have severe food shortages because of the inability to transport goods around the country. These are some of the ‘facts’ that Shaw could have educated the children with… but he didn’t, of course. quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who fronted a live chat with students in Wellington this week, sympathised with the urgency behind the worldwide School Strike 4 Climate.
“Ultimately it’s between students, parents and schools . . . but I think young people are genuinely worried about climate change and are looking to today’s politicians to make the right decisions to combat it,” she told the Herald.

A Newspaper. end quote.

It cracks me up that Jacinda and James Shaw are effectively taking part in the protest, even though they are part of the government that the kids are protesting against.

Today’s protests will do absolutely nothing to prevent climate change. Kids would be much better off being properly educated about the issues and how they can adjust their lives to reduce their own emissions, if that is what is important to them.

Today, with a government that seems happy to allow children to run amok, I long for the days when children ‘should be seen and not heard’. All this has done is to make kids think they have a lot more power than they really have? over climate and over government. They have no power. They are just playing into the hands of the socialists, who use crises to control people. They are being manipulated more than ever.