Promoting the politics of division & hate

Green party co-leader Marama Davidson and fellow list MP Golriz Ghahraman have jumped on the bandwagon of the Dame of Division and are castigating New Zealanders for being a horrible and racist people.

While New Zealanders all over New Zealand are coming together to support the families of the horrific terror attack, these two Green politicians are instead fanning the flames of fear, hatred and division while claiming (of course) to be doing the complete opposite.

Marama Davidson has shocked listeners by claiming that the agenda of the Australian terrorist was the same one held by the first settlers to New Zealand.


New Zealand was founded on the theft of land, language and identity of indigenous people. This land we are standing on is land we were violently removed from to uphold the same agenda that killed the people in the mosques yesterday. end quote.

Davidson compounded her message of division and fear in parliament this week. quote.

[…]The agenda that drove this violence wants to harm many other communities: Jewish communities, Sikh communities, Buddhist followers, people of colour communities, brown immigrants and refugees, tangata whenua and Pacific peoples, women and disabled peoples, and many others.[…]

[…] I acknowledge that today there is not one Muslim voice in this House. It is time to understand whose voices need to be put first. […]


Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman strikes a pose

Not to be outdone, Golriz Ghahraman took the opportunity to put the boot into New Zealanders as well. quote.

We are hurt. We are in shock. And we are scared. They want us dead. Our Nanas, our Granddads, our Mums and Dads, our little kids. […]

That hate, it isn?t the New Zealand who welcomed me and my family here as asylum seekers all those years ago.[…]

That isn?t the New Zealand that welcomed me but it is New Zealand today. […]

We have to hold people to account. […] Every time they use the politics of hate and division and xenophobia we have to hold them to account.

[…] Every time they weaponise the concept of ?free speech? to lie about us, to scapegoat us, we know where that ends. We learned it on Friday, and history has shown us time and again how atrocity begins with cheap opportunistic hate speech against minorities. It has to stop in New Zealand, now. end quote.

MP Golriz Ghahraman: Aotea Square rally speech

Golriz is feeling particularly cocky and has also lashed out at Duncan Garner who ironically this week was cheerfully blaming Whaleoil and Kiwi Blog for the ills of the world.

The Free Speech Coalition is going to have a battle on their hands. I guarantee that the Green party will be leading the charge to bring in “Hate Speech” laws. If we do not strongly challenge their rhetoric, then soon we will be like the UK, where people are criminalised for the opinions they express on the Internet.

The MSM need to pause and consider the wisdom of their attacks on New Media and blogs. Golriz’s attack on Garner is just the beginning. If they seek to censor and demonise new Media and Blogs they will be next.

Count on it.