Greenpeace catches Trump Derangement Syndrome & lies again

Caption: This polar bear is as real as many of Greenpeace’s claims.

Greenpeace might campaign against plastics, but they sure love a bit of elastic when it comes to stretching the truth. The environmental campaigners anti-progress zealots are notorious for being less than rigorously truthful when it suits them.

Greenpeace has publicised photos that they falsely claimed were of a devastated Great Barrier Reef, made false claims about the environmental impact of scuttling a decommissioned oil drilling platform and repeated long-debunked myths about genetically-modified food. But when they catch a dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the real whoppers come out. Quote:

This really might end up being ?quote of the year? rather than ?quote of the week?. This morning Pres. Donald Trump tweeted about Dr Patrick Moore the co-founder of Greenpeace. What he said is creating a firestorm amongst some green organizations.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace: ?The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it?s Fake Science. There is no climate crisis, there?s weather and climate all around the world, and in fact carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life.? @foxandfriends Wow!

twitter end quote.

End of quote.
As we all know by now, Trump could tweet that ?killing kittens is bad?, and the left would erupt into screeches of outrage and strangle kittens en masse, just to prove him wrong. Greenpeace?s reaction to the Trump tweet didn?t disappoint. Quote:

To many those are fighting words, and Greenpeace has already fired back obviously very upset. But at the same time they are illustrating just how much of a bunch of liars they are:

Patrick Moore was not a co-founder of Greenpeace. He does not represent Greenpeace. He is a paid lobbyist, not an independent source. His statements about @AOC & the #GreenNewDeal have nothing to do with our positions.

The problem is, we?ve already caught them out on this lie, because the Internet never forgets: End of quote.


Thanks to the miracle of the Wayback Machine internet archive, we can all see for ourselves that, back in 2002, Greenpeace?s own website declared that ?The founders of Greenpeace? included: Patrick Moore, ecology student at the University of British Columbia.

Moore was a member of the ?Don?t Make a Wave Committee?, the anti-nuclear organization which later evolved into Greenpeace. Technically that might not make him strictly a founder of ?Greenpeace? ? except that Greenpeace themselves explicitly acknowledge him as one of their founders.

Until he went off the reservation.