Greens teacher sacked for touting climate strike

Caption: He needs to work on that head-tilt if he wants to be a real Green.

There was a time when it was understood that teachers had a unique responsibility to both their students and to the community and were therefore bound by special obligations ? not least of which was to not bring their personal political views into the classroom. But then the left embarked on their Long March through the institutions. Now teachers arrogate to themselves the right to turn their classrooms into ideological soapboxes.

The most egregious examples of this are the creepy, state-sanctioned child grooming programs such as New Zealand?s Mates and Dates, and promulgation of Green ideology. Anecdotally, many parents have complained about both. But that hasn?t stopped teachers from ramping up the indoctrination.

The government has finally taken a rare stance to rein in teachers? ideological tub-thumping. Quote:

A NSW public high school teacher who urged students to sign up for an activist-promoted ?climate change strike? has been stood down from teaching.

Greens candidate for Bega Will Douglas attended a daytime youth forum at Moruya Golf Club alongside other politicians last week and urged students ?Please, don?t forget March 15, the climate strike?.

The maths, science and English teacher is a casual teacher at Moruya High and said he attended the forum on his lunchbreak, with full knowledge of his school.

He told the audience of 12 to 25 year olds to get online and register for the school strike ?because there?s a whole community out there wanting to support you guys, young people, in that strike?.

But after an investigation by the NSW Education Department, he was told he wouldn?t be offered more work. End of quote.

Naturally the bogus excuses roll right out. Quote:

Today Mr Douglas defended his actions, saying he was on his lunch-hour and ?I was just giving them some facts about climate change?It?s not my job to tell students to strike.? End of quote.

No, it isn?t. But it?s exactly what he did. Quote:

An education department spokesman on Wednesday said it wouldn?t comment on individual cases, but that officials were still inquiring into the matter and ?staff members providing advice contrary to departmental policies may be subject to allegations of misconduct?. End of quote.


Australia?s Department of Education Teachers code of professional conduct is quite clear. Quote:

Teachers need to be careful about expressions of political opinion in the workplace and the appropriateness of sharing their views with students.

Example: Inappropriate political activity

A teacher holds very strong political beliefs and?The teacher uses class time to encourage students to take action in support of the teacher?s views.

This action is inappropriate. End of quote. pdf

Douglas may not have been in a classroom, but he was openly encouraging students to take action in support of the his views. Does anyone really believe that this zealot isn?t using his classroom time to browbeat and hector students with his political nutbaggery? He was also instructing students to break the law. Truancy, as an Australian government report found, is a serious issue, and ?is the result of multiple negative and cumulative influences originating from the individual, the family, the school and the community?. Individuals responsible for students? truancy can be prosecuted.

Teachers have been abusing their privilege for far too long. It?s long past due that the government stepped in and clamped down on these proselytising chalkdusted leftists.