Guess who skipped maths class?

In a scathing article about the absolute failure of Kiwibuild, a Newshub reporter revealed that she had skipped far too many maths classes.

Another post will delve into the interesting new information about KiwiDebacle but for now, let’s look at the maths.

Jenna wrote in her final damning paragraph: Quote.

But figures released to Newshub show that just 341 of those 10,000 will be built this year, and nearly a fifth won’t be built until the final two years of the programme. End quote.


Kiwibuild is a 10-year programme to build 10,000 houses. On a simple average, that is approximately 1,000 per year or, say, one tenth per year.

Our eagle-eyed Newshub reporter has noticed that nearly one fifth of the houses will not be built until the final two years of the programme.

Two years out of ten equals two tenths (2/10)

To reduce, or simplify, a fraction to its lowest terms one simply divides the numerator (number on the top line) and denominator (number on the bottom line) by their greatest common factor. In this case we will use the factor ‘2’.

Thus, with the wonders of mathematics, 2 divided by 2 = 1 and 10 divided by 2 = 5. Therefore, 2/10 = 1/5 or one fifth.

That is probably why one fifth of the homes will not be built until the last two years, Jenna.

Just a hunch.