Harry & Meghan buy into the gender nonsense

When you consider the very small number of people on the planet who have gender identification issues, the whole business has become ridiculous, but that is virtue signalling for you. Now the newest royal couple have decided to go with the gender flow, even though there is probably no reason to do this. If the child has a gender issue, it will become obvious as it grows up. There is absolutely no need to make an issue out of it before the child is even born. That isn’t going to stop them though. quote.

Meghan Markle is due in just weeks, and Vanity Fair reports that she and Prince Harry have decided to raise their baby without labels and with a more ?fluid approach to gender.? (FYI, Kensington Palace declined to comment on this when asked. Double FYI, Meghan is said to be having a boy.)

?Meghan has been talking to some of her friends about the birth and how she and Harry plan to raise their baby. Her exact word was fluid,? a source told the magazine’s royal reporter Katie Nicholl. ?She said they plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender and they won?t be imposing any stereotypes.?

End quote.

So… it’s a boy… but it is going to be fluid? Is it a boy or not? Does this mean that they won’t dress him in blue, or will they call him ‘it’ and ‘they’, just like other gender ‘fluid’ parents? As he will be the son of a prince, he will also be a prince. His name will be Prince Ethelred, or whatever. How can they make that ‘fluid’? It is a ‘stereotype’ that has lasted for over a millenium. quote.

This means the baby’s nursery will be gender neutral, and apparently Meghan has favored a white-and gray-color scheme. And speaking of her nursery, previous reports claim it?s pretty swanky?with a smartphone?controlled monitoring system and vegan paint infused with eucalyptus oil. Because if your paint isn?t infused with eucalyptus oil WHAT IS THE POINT.

Cosmopolitan. end quote.

I wonder what Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has to say about that? Or the Queen, for that matter?

The thing is that 99.99% of people identify as either male or female, and this becomes fairly obvious as soon as a child is able to walk and talk. I remember refusing to give my son. who is now in his 30s, any form of weapons, such as toy guns, so at the age of 3, he made one out of Lego. The chances are, this child will very obviously be a boy, with normal masculine tendencies. If he is not, deal with the problem then. Don’t start his life off by confusing him as to how to identify himself. Most people have no trouble identifying themselves, if left alone.

I can understand wealthy, privileged people like Meghan wanting to virtue signal herself to death, because it is the thing to do at the moment, but Harry really should know better than this. Above all, I pity the poor child. It is tough enough growing up as a member of the Royal Family, with the public intrusion and constant gaze of the media. Surely the Royal Family, of all institutions, should stand up for the 99.99% of people who are not ‘gender fluid’? All this does is add more fuel to the burning fire of transgender virtue signallers, who are intent on making ‘normal’ the new ‘abnormal’. Princess Diana will, no doubt, be turning in her grave at this latest revelation. For once, I am glad she is not still alive to see it.