How is this fair?

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

The prime minister and her government harp on about ?fairness? and it is a key factor in the ?well-being? budget soon to be unleashed on us.  Ask yourself ?what is fair” and who will be looked after in this budget?

  • How is it fair that just 19% of us (anyone earning more than $70k pa) pay 63% of the tax take in this country?
  • How is it fair that Shane?s nephs sit on the couch, intending never to do a fair day?s work, yet have access to government funded housing and income while those in charge of their Iwi run about in flash new cars badly spending money that we gave them via the Waitangi Tribunal?
  • How is it fair that honest taxpayers who declare their income contribute more into the tax take because of a black market of ?cashies? and ?under the table? goods and services?
  • How is it fair that someone who contributes over a third of their income in taxes for 50+ years will not receive a livable pension and must work longer than intended just to retire in their home town of Auckland?
  • How is it fair that hard-working people who didn?t spend on overseas holidays or other luxuries, choosing instead to invest for a comfortable retirement in the share market, a forestry unit or a rental property may now have to hand a third of their retirement funding to the government?
  • How is it fair that young hardworking couples who scrimped and didn?t buy the latest iPhone, Netflix and Sky TV, instead saving a deposit for their first modest home, a do-up, are recently bypassed by younger high-income professionals into subsidized brand new KiwiBuild homes?
  • How is it fair that the job market is flooded with immigrants who depress wages and salaries because they work for less than people born here?
  • How is it fair that immigrants without good spoken English are employed in customer services when they can be impossible to understand?
  • How is it fair that immigrants bring their aged family members here to receive a pension ten years later despite never having contributed a single cent in income tax?
  • How is it fair that Auckland is inundated with migrants who buy cars because it is the cheapest way to get around, but locals who paid road user charges for decades suffer the effects of congested roads because the government and council chose not to spend enough on roading infrastructure?
  • How is it fair that an immigrant goes onto the same long hospital waiting list for life saving cancer treatment or heart surgery as the person who has spent 50+ years paying taxes that built the hospitals?
  • How is it fair that people who actively manage their health go onto the same hospital waiting lists behind people who neglected their bodies for years and ignored early warning signs?
  • How is it fair that a new immigrant goes onto the same list for subsidized housing as the person who has spent 50+ years paying their taxes?
  • How is it fair that convicted criminal Karel Sroubek received New Zealand residency while at least two hardworking immigrant family businesses providing employment were recently told to start packing?
  • How is it fair that a young Auckland couple recognise they cannot afford to raise more than 1.9 children while another Auckland family produces 10+ children at taxpayer expense?
  • How is it fair that a school child in South Auckland gets their breakfast, lunch, school uniform, school books and school camp fees paid for when the child of a ?both parents working? middle income family in central Auckland receives absolutely no assistance with any of these costs?
  • How is it fair that a school girl can get pregnant and receive financial support during her pregnancy by the taxpayer who also pays to raise her child while she does not work?
  • How is it fair for a child of the recipient of the sole parent benefit, that they are disadvantaged by government interference that provides a poor substitute for the stability and advantages of a two-parent family?
  • How is it fair that the children of the wealthy who can afford to pay for their child?s first year of university tuition still get the government handout?

Brace yourselves, this government?s disregard of the hard-working backbone of the country who provide the lion?s share of the tax take gives a clue that we are about to be fleeced even further.