How we enabled socialism under MMP

A bicameral legislature is one with two houses or chambers. The British parliament is a bicameral legislature made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Likewise, the United States Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

New Zealand used to have a bicameral legislative system, but our openness to covert takeovers started in 1951 when the Legislative Council was abolished altogether, making the New Zealand legislature unicameral. At the time of its abolition the Council had fifty-four members, including its own Speaker.

As at April 2014, we shared a unicameral (the Latin word that describes a single-house legislature) parliamentary system with Armenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Monaco, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey and Sweden. About 59% of national governments worldwide were unicameral while about 41% were bicameral.

Unicameral legislatures are common in official Communist states such as the People’s Republic of China and Cuba. Similarly, many formerly Communist states, such as Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia, have retained their unicameral legislatures, though others, such as Romania and Poland, adopted bicameral legislatures.

Both the former Russian SFSR and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) were bicameral. The Russian Federation retained bicameralism after the dissolution of the USSR in the transition from socialism to capitalism.

The main weakness of a unicameral system generally should be seen as the lack of restraint on the majority, particularly noticeable in parliamentary systems where the leaders of the parliamentary majority also dominate the executive.

There is also the risk that important sectors of society may not be adequately represented. However, under the New Zealand MMP system we have minority list parties enabling a minority government without any of the checks and balances of an upper house.

In my opinion double representation used in the bicameral legislature provides a more inclusive and ?just? governance that increases the stability of the country. Under our New Zealand MMP system we currently have a minority socialist ?dictatorial? rule that ultimately risks destabilising our country.

A benefit of the bicameral system is that a party cannot pass a bill on its own, particularly as a minority government. It also facilitates better decision making. The passing of a bill might take longer but a bicameral system allows both chambers to check each other and balance majority interests and minority rights.

The Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the United States Democratic Party seek quote.

?a new political system that truly represents Americans. Our ideal should be a strong federal government powered by a proportionally elected unicameral legislature.? end quote.

Considering that in 1951 we became a unicameral parliament followed later by the legislation of a flawed MMP electoral system (that has allowed a minority government to be selected by a minority list party of 7% of party list only voters) – it is apparent that New Zealand can become a socialist state much sooner than the USA!

As for socialism, any decent world history or comparative economic investigation would look at countries where its doctrine has actually been tried?and how it failed miserably.

Where an authoritarian government forces control upon a society, it seems to work for a while but eventually it leads to repression, famine, political prisoners and a more or less total collapse of human rights. In other words a dictatorship. Hundreds of millions of people have suffered and died under the oppression of Marxist socialist ideology within the 20th century, but when will we learn and take heed?

The apathy and weakness shown by the opposition National Party tells me that National mostly agree with the Coalition of Losers left-wing ideology.

The fairy dust of a truly ‘socialist’ society, in which they say everything gets decided ‘democratically’?eventually, axiomatically, brings corruption and tyranny. How many more mistakes, lies and corruption will be tolerated before this nanny state government of losers is exposed and expelled?

Our political system has been left open; it facilitates the acceptance of socialist and minority, activist, ideological governments; common sense has gone out the window and our world is being turned inside out.
Can I hear protests in the street? No, just the crickets celebrating the demise of our democracy, sovereignty and individual currency.