I need a cup of tea & a lie down I have common ground with Martyn Bradbury

Thankfully there are still some commentators on the Left who still have a healthy respect for free speech. I may agree to disagree with Martyn Bradbury on most political issues but I do share some of his concerns. Bradbury is concerned that the “woke” people on the Left will do to Christchurch solidarity what they did to the pride parade. He can also see that, far from uniting us, the “woke” risk dividing us.

Could the woke do to Christchurch solidarity what they did to the Pride Parade?

?attempting to connect the violence on Friday with right wing opinions, the defence of free speech or concerns about immigration and conflate that with all white people as racist murderers is a sure fire way of eroding the solidarity in sorrow that has bound many.

The vast, vast majority of NZers found what happened on Friday as a disgraceful act of despicable hate, we need to find common ground between us instead of blaming each other if we want to build from this moment.

[…] How do we do that? I think following Jacinda?s example of inclusion is the most important step because I think after the mess woke identity politics activists visited upon the Pride parade, we don?t need that result with the solidarity Christchurch has generated.

[…] There is more common ground between us than divides us. Let us seize upon that and work to heal rather than divide and seperate. The very Muslim Community who have been so horribly attacked have shown that level of grace, the least we can do is mirror that.

The Daily Blog

Hear, hear. New Zealanders have shown how much we care and how much love there is out there for the families dealing with their terrible loss. A witch hunt is divisive and destructive. Claiming that New Zealand is a hate filled country full of racism may sell papers but it will do irreparable harm to our nation.