If they want our meat and our cars, they can hand over their phones

When thousands of privileged Western children took a day away from their air-conditioned classrooms and got their parents to drive them to where they could shout slogans that their greens-voting teachers had told them to, you can bet that they were all furiously snapping selfies on their smartphones. After all, what?s the use of virtue-signalling if you can?t tell everyone about it?

You can also bet that nearly all of them ? being heavily weighted towards private school elites ? had the newest model phone, which they upgrade at least once a year. Quote:

Most people haven?t considered their smartphones to be significant contributors to global CO2 emissions.

But they are. And they are poised to become one of the more prominent obstacles to global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the coming decades. End of quote.

The biggest obstacle will be prising the phones from the greedy paws of spoiled, entitled greens. Just as these elite hypocrites dump their beloved refugees in poor, working-class suburbs rather than letting them pollute their gated communities, they expect everyone else to do the hard work of reducing greenhouse emissions. For themselves, they prefer to wallow in carbon-spewing luxury. Quote:

A recent analysis by Belkhir and Elmeligi (2018) determined that the greenhouse gas emissions from the Information and Communication Industry (ICT) ? smartphones and mobile devices, prominently ? will grow from 1% of total global emissions in 2007 to 14% by 2040. That?s more than half of today?s relative contribution from the globe?s entire transportation sector. End of quote.

It?s also more than livestock production. Instead of a meat tax, bring in an iPhone tax. Then let?s watch these selfish brats squeal. Quote:

Belkhir and Elmeligi suggest that if there aren?t serious efforts to reduce or eliminate smartphone use in the near future, the number of smartphone units across the globe may reach 8.7 billion by 2040.

This is unsustainable, dramatically undermining global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions?However, there is something that they ? and we ? can do that would make a difference in reducing our CO2 emissions impact: give up our smartphones.


?Widespread smartphone renunciation would be a symbolic testament to our commitment to rescuing the planet from the oncoming climate catastrophe. End of quote.


Ha ha ha. You might as well ask them and their wealthy, Greens-voting parents to give up continuous overseas holidays. Expecting activists to give up their personal luxuries? Good luck with that.