If Trump drops a bomb & the media don’t report it, will anyone care?

It?s conventional wisdom among Trump supporters that the president is some kind of grandmaster wizard 4-D chess player. Every time Trump suffers a setback (despite his remarkable winning streak, there have indeed been more than a few losses as well) in his running battle with the entire Washington establishment, left and right, his supporters nod sagely, and wink to each other about ?4-D chess?.

Perhaps they?re right, or perhaps the perspicacious Scott Adams is correct when he characterises Trump as a ?learn-on-the-job? kind of guy, who just pulls the levers and pushes buttons until he figures out how the Damned Thing works. Either way, Trump is a successful and shrewd negotiator, in business and in politics.

So, the threat of dumping a truckload of dirt files on his Democrat foes shouldn?t be dismissed as mere Trumpian bluster. Quote:

Any day now. He said he was going to do this last year and then he backed off after Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray begged him.

My belief for some time now has been that the Obama DOJ and FBI intentionally spiked the Hillary e-mail investigation, and concocted a rationale to investigate the Trump campaign under false pretenses ? abusing the apparatus of federal law enforcement in order to target the campaign of the nominee opposite the president?s party.

It is also my opinion, for what it?s worth, that Barack Obama directed all of this, whether in so many words or not.

Also: If all this is true, Trump knows it?s true because he?s seen the proof. I think he should have declassified it as soon as he became aware of it, but apparently he?d rather keep it in his back pocket for when he needs it as a political weapon. End of quote.

Obama?s abuse of the apparatus of state was astonishing. No president has devoted more resources to harassing journalists and political enemies, and spying on his citizens. Quote:

Trump elaborated in an exclusive interview with the New York Post:

?If they go down the presidential harassment track [said Trump], if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I?m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they?d never been hit like that??

But Trump told The Post he wanted to save the documents until they were needed.

?It?s much more powerful if I do it then,? Trump said, ?because if we had done it already, it would already be yesterday?s news.

The Democrats will insist they?re not scared about this and that they?ve got nothing to hide. That will be a lie. The documents we?ve already seen, which were not classified, were devastating enough. If there?s even worse stuff Trump is sitting on, it?s going to be explosive. End of quote.

There?s just one problem: the legacy media. Quote:

And yet there remains this one sticky problem: If Trump declassifies these documents and the media yawns, will their contents really have an impact on the public? And the media might do worse than yawn. What they are more likely to do is turn it into a negative story about Trump, calling him out for declassifying documents for political purposes.

What you?ll hear about is not what the documents actually contain, but how improper it was for Trump to release them. It?s the same tact [sic] they?re taking with the DNC e-mails?You rarely hear about what the e-mails said, but you hear lots about who did the hacking and how awful it was. End of quote.


The legacy media are 110% behind the Democrats, and they?ve shown that they?re not just willing to cover up, but straight-up lie to protect them. The fake news media have tried everything, including warning Americans that they would be breaking the law if they even laid eyes on the Democrats? dirty laundry.

The necessity of independent media grows every day.