If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you

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Former Prime Minister Helen Clark claims that she will be launching an independent and non-partisan public policy think tank on major issues including drug policy reform and climate change. quote.

[…] Clark, who was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2008 and then ran the United Nations Development Programme for eight years, announced that she would be the foundation’s patron on Twitter today.

The foundation’s board is chaired by her husband Peter Davis, a public health specialist.
The board also includes Clark’s long-time friend and confidante Joan Caulfield, who served as her electorate agent, as well as accountant Geoff Pownall and lawyer Simon Mitchell.

It is unclear whether this is the same Simon Mitchell who once worked in Clark’s electorate office and bought the painting at the centre of ‘Paintergate’ controversy.
Clark had signed a painting that she had not painted, and it was auctioned for charity. Mitchell bought the painting from the original buyer and then gave it to Caulfield, who destroyed it. end quote.

A newspaper

The interesting part about that story was the claim that the painting was destroyed before Helen Clark knew that a police inquiry was underway. At the time Clark said that her “long-time friend and confidante Joan Caulfield, who served as her electorate agent” had decided to destroy the painting all on her own. quote.

Former Labour Party president Mike Williams is an outreach advisor to the foundation, as is artist and long-time friend and supporter Helen Killser During, who was the photographer for the film My Year with Helen: The Helen Clark Documentary. […] end quote.

end quote.

A Newspaper

Independent and non-partisan with those people involved? I think someone is telling porkies. This story is as believable as the one about Clark’s friend coming up with the idea to destroy the fraudulent painting all on her own.

With husband Peter Davis and former Labour party president Mike Williams involved with the foundation with Clark as the patron, there is no way that it is non-partisan. Perhaps she considers it non-partisan because no one in Labour will give her a job?

The talk around the tracks is that Labour has a no job for Helen rule. That’s got to hurt given all that she did for the Labour party. Unlike the National party Labour usually takes care of their people once they are out of politics.