Immigration numbers being cut by stealth

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This government campaigned on reducing immigration, which was something a lot of voters wanted to see. There has been no specific policy on reducing immigration from the government, however, and this has caused them to be criticised for not carrying out their electoral promises. Now it seems that the policy is being delivered, and that less residency permits are being granted, but the government seems to want to keep quiet about it. Why would that be? quote.

The Immigration Minister has denied accusations that the Government is reducing immigration numbers, saying the numbers haven’t dropped.

Figures show that the Government has been issuing 600 fewer residence visas per month, with allegations that Iain Lees-Galloway has ordered his officials to crack down.

National had a limit of 95,000 residence visas to be granted over two years – an average of 4000 a month. Under the current Government, that number is down to 60,000 over 18 months, about 600 less per month.

However, Iain Lees-Galloway told Mike Hosking the numbers haven’t actually dropped. end quote.

I am not a world renowned mathematician, but 600 less residency permits a month means the number has dropped… doesn’t it? quote.

“We have set a transitionary planning range that is based on actual residency approvals. So when you say the numbers have dropped, that’s not actually true,” he said.

“The previous Government had some targets but it wasn’t actually meeting those targets and the actual practice is reflected in the new planning range that we have put in place.” end quote.

The numbers are down to 60,000 over 18 months, which is about 600 less per month… isn’t it Ian? quote.

The number of skilled migrants has fallen under this Government, with family and refugee numbers increasing. end quote.

Well, there’s a surprise. In the middle of a housing crisis, where we need skilled tradespeople, we get more refugees, and more family members. That explains a number of things, including why the number of people on the dole has dramatically increased over the last year or so. We are bringing in the wrong sort of people. quote.

“We are moving towards a smarter approach that will set a planning range for each residency stream. That will allow us to place greater priority on skilled migrants.”

“So nothing has changed, these numbers in our planning range reflect actual practice,” he said.

“I can appreciate why those numbers look concerning because those numbers refelct what is actually happening. Regardless of what the previous Government’s targets were, that’s not what was happening at all [and] these numbers were a better reflection of what i currently happening.”
He said this is an “interim phase” and the Government is planning to move to a system which will allow them to increase the number of skilled migrants.

Newstalk ZB. end quote.

George Orwell would have called this ‘doublespeak’. It is doublespeak for ‘We are bringing in more refugees and migrants from failed states who will bolster the numbers and vote Labour’. Skilled migrants be damned.