Is ministerial calibre low because party leaders are not up to scratch?

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Maggie Barry is back in the news because of continued allegations of bullying from her staff. Quote.

Staff from three government departments who worked with MP Maggie Barry raised concerns about her behaviour during her time as a minister – and at least one also complained to the head of the public service.

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Confirmation of the complaints from government staff about Barry’s conduct follow bullying allegations made by her electorate staff last year. End of quote.

At the end of last year Bridges predictably defended Barry and brushed aside the allegations. Allegations that have been settled “privately” so the details will be kept secret. Quote.

He [Bridges] said he backed the “hard-working” MP and believed her denials of bullying.? End of quote.

Chuck enough mud and eventually it will stick, so what will Bridges do now?

It?s poor leadership that allows unprincipled behaviour to play out.

Bridges should have forced Barry to address this issue last year when it first raised its ugly head. The fact that he didn?t, simply hoping the problem would go away, raises questions about the strength of his leadership.

But to be fair all political parties and their leaders have displayed an appalling lack of good character.

When we weren?t cursing their stupidity we laughed ourselves silly at the Greens who displayed bold faced benefit fraud, lying and laziness. Quote.

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Green Party leader James Shaw says his former co-leader Metiria Turei paid “the ultimate political price” for her honesty about historic benefit deception.? End of quote.

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Shaw had not one critical word to say about Turei?s fraudulent behaviour. Where were Shaw?s principles then, if he had any?

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Hot on their heels Labour did not disappoint either. They too have a leader reluctant to address ministerial shortcomings. Clare Curran, Meka Whaitiri and the Labour summer camp scandal to name a few.

In August last year Mike Hosking summed up Labour’s performance to date. Quote.

Hosking says that the Government looks “ill-disciplined, sloppy, incoherent, and led by a woman who doesn’t want to be tough.” end of quote

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The appearance of a strong, well-principled, honest political leader of any persuasion would be most welcome but it seems that they are as rare as hen’s teeth.