ISIS leader Abu Hassan al-Muhajir calls for revenge

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

It seems I am a racist. A white supremacist. I might have made a casual racist joke about a brown person at some stage and so therefore, I am responsible for a deranged Australian shooting 50 people in 2 mosques. I know this because the media and social media are telling me so. I need to do better. I need to wear a scarf on Friday and cuddle Mongrel Mob members because they are going to guard a mosque. The internet is fresh out of hair shirts, so I will have to self-flagellate for at least the next 5 years. This and only this will fix the wrongs that I have inflicted on people I have never met. How this works exactly I am not sure, but apparently, it is the only way.

In the meantime, the media is mostly ignoring the real threats to our safety and security. quote.

A high-ranking member of ISIS has called for revenge after the deaths of 50 Muslims in Christchurch.

The terror organisation’s spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir is believed to have issued an appeal in a 44-minute audio recording.

The New York Times reports that al-Muhajir broke six months of silence to call for retaliation.

“The scenes of the massacres in the two mosques should wake up those who were fooled, and should incite the supporters of the caliphate to avenge their religion,” he said.

Al-Muhajir likened the massacre to the ongoing battle at the terror organisation’s only remaining piece of territory in Syria.
“Here is Baghuz in Syria, where Muslims are burned to death and are bombed by all known and unknown weapons of mass destruction,” he said. end quote.

This was always going to happen, of course. Something is probably being planned already. New Zealanders are too busy blaming each other and chasing ‘white supremacists’ to realise what the repercussions might be. They could be deadly. quote.

The Times said al-Muhajir’s name is an invention, and his true identity is unknown.

He “is a faceless but important figure inside the terrorist group. He is not known to have ever appeared in photographs or in the group’s numerous videos, and almost nothing is known about his personal biography”.

A newspaper. end quote.

But you can bet your sweet life his call to action will be answered.

We all know what Islamic terrorism looks like. We have seen its face many times. An attack at a mosque is not going to go unanswered. It is an insult to Allah and to Islam.

And when it happens, it will be a lone wolf attacker, with mental health issues, and nothing to do with Islam. While I agree that #notallmuslims are terrorists, #notallwhitepeople are terrorists either, but in the wake of the Christchurch shootings, it seems we are not allowed to say that.

So, while we all play dress-ups on Friday and the media wheels out prominent New Zealanders to pour forth unlimited amounts of bile about racial tensions in New Zealand, be on your guard. Attacks may happen in Christchurch. Or maybe Wellington. Or Auckland. Or all of the above. Be vigilant. We are sitting ducks, thanks to a compliant media and a bunch of people with an agenda who want to blame innocent people for a crime they did not commit.

Let us hope like hell that our security services don’t let us down for a second time.